Best Android Music Players in 2022

Every smartphone come with built-in music player for audio play back but most people have switched to various music streaming services like SoundCloud, Pandora, Google Paly Music, Apple Music or Spotify. Then comes people like us who like the conventional modes for music because streaming is not that good enough, yet. Android smart phones also come with default music players but having extra options wouldn't hurt especially when one's looking for something different. There are plenty of fancy music players on Google's play Store for android devices.

List of Best Android Music Players in 2022

If you are a music lover or just a casual listener and got a list of music you want to play over and over again, then check out these amazing android music Players we listed out for you.

1. The Poweramp (Price: $4.99)

The Poweramp (Price: $4.99)
The Poweramp (Price: $4.99)

Filled with cool features, Poweramp is an Android music player available on the app store with 15 days free trial and full upgraded version for only $4.99. This music app supports broad range audio formats. Special feature includes quick media search, widgets for home and lock screen, tag editor and multiple customized visuals making it the perfect option for people looking for a nice looking music player.

2. Pixel Music Player (Price: Free)

Pixel Music Player (Price: Free)
Pixel Music Player (Price: Free)

One of the best features of Pixel Music play is that it allows user to play music through Podcasts, local storage and online radio for free. How awesome it that? Also, it not only allows you to steer though the app's customized media library but you can create your own. As for theme, it has smart sleek grey and black designs, giving the screen a decent look. In terms of features, the app comes with the option of editing metadata of music and downloading lyrics and art of any album.

3. Rocket Player (Price: Free)

Rocket Player (Price: Free)
Rocket Player (Price: Free)

This app comes with personal equalizer, several management features, functionality of any typical player and library search option making it nearly one of the best apps in our list. The subscription is completely free of cost. Supporting features includes access to look and home screen and compatibility to podcasts. Upon purchasing you get ad-free app along with access to premium features like cloud back-up and sync features.

4. AIMP (Price: Free)

AIMP (Price: Free)
AIMP (Price: Free)

AIMP is a free yet older Android music player known to Android users. It is one of the most solid players on this list as it provides the most powerful features. The app is user friendly, allowing users to repeat the routine-playlist making it easier to use. However, it's true that the app's interface is merely attractive but it gets the job well done. The purpose of the simple logically designed interface is to display repeat and shuffle buttons making it more convenient to use. Playback screen has buttons located on its right side along the playback speed control equalizer, sleep timer etc. These buttons can also be hidden through the advance setting options in order to experience streamlined music. Another feature which makes this app special is that you can all the important information about your favorite son just by one tap on the song name. The app will show all the details about the song's writer, composer, singer, bitrate, file type and location storage even. Moreover, the supporting features include mainstays file types that are mostly common like MP3, MP4 FLAC etc. In addition to this, fun stuff like theme settings and customization is also available. The simple user interface makes it easier for you to listen and enjoy your favorite music any time anywhere.

5. jetAudio HD (Price: Free/$3.99-2.99)

jetAudio HD (Price: Free/$3.99
jetAudio HD (Price: Free/$3.99

This cool free music player is most likely to be the all-time favorite app of Android users. Once you try the upgraded version, you'll unlock the best premium features for example, the pro-version gives you an ads free app with neat playback controls, bass boost, 20-band equalizer and lock screen widgets with the cost of only $3.99. In addition to this, free version allows you to play various file formats stored in your device. Easy library search is just one tag away. The app can support various audio plugins like AM3D audi and BongJovi DPS which are also available through purchasable app. These audio enhancements take your music experience to the next level.

6. Tidal (Price: Free/ $9.99-$19.99/month)

Tidal (Price: Free/  $9.99
Tidal (Price: Free/ $9.99

Tidal is the top-most demanded app on Android but the feature that got it up on the fame list was the high-fidelity stream music at lossless FLAC audio or 320kbps AAC. If you are a audiophile, than this app must be on your top-favorite app list. Tidal premium service provides you with better sound quality for $3.99/ month but for even best audio, tidal Hi-Fi charges you $19.99 per month.

7. Pulsar (Price: Free)

Pulsar (Price: Free)
Pulsar (Price: Free)

After AIMP, pulsar is another solid app of our list. You can have the best music experience on this app free of cost but to enjoy their best feature, you can avail their premium services which include bass boost, customized themes (16+), reverb and an equalizer. Despite of its limited feature, it's still a great choice.

8. Spotify (Price: Free/$10 monthly)

Just when you think it can't get better than this but it just keep getting better and better. This amazing app is also dubbed as the "Music steaming King" and for all right reasons. Spotify has this incredible premium feature where you can make family account and add up to 6 members only for $ 15 per month or $10 a month with few exceptions. Moreover, it has a very impressive streaming library. The work is truly an art. The most defining feature of Spotify that makes is prominent than any other app is the downloading of music for offline mode. Currently, this feature is available only to premium users. ITunes on the other hand is an app that provides this feature for free.

9. DoubleTwist (Price: Free)

Another free app which is offers compatibility with radio, podcasts and music is DoubleTwist. The distinctive feature of this app is known as the "Magic Radio" that allows you to access various songs mix using your existing music library. The app provides you song mix according to your music, based on your preferences. It is also compatible to multiple gaming devices like PS3 and Xbox 360

10. Shuttle (Price: Free/$0.99 a month)

Just like its name, Shuttle is a flimsy music app which gives you a better music experience free of charge and some additional features for few dollars. User interface of this app is just like Google Play Music card and music player but comes with its own album, equalizer, gapless play back and artist downloads. The premium service provides additional features like Chromocast support tag editing and customization.

11. GoneMAD (Price: Free/#3.99-one time free)

Do you like a Music player filled with multiplex features? If that's so, GonMAD is app of you. It comes with several solid features and supports various file formats. Recently it has updated version from MP3 to MPC and FLAC. With its 10 band equalizer, crossfading and audio adjustments, this app provides you the best audio configuration. The app's premium features are available for 14 days trial.

12. PlayerPro (Price: Free/$4.95-one-time free)

Similar to GoneMAD app, this music player app is recognized for its in-depth customization and best listening features services. It has tag editor that's real handy when sorting through your own collection. Libraries are easy to search and manage while filtering through albums and artists. Player comes with a default 5-band equalizer along with reverbs and bass boost. For additional access to premium features like 10-band equalizer, gapless play back and crossfade, the charges are only $4.95.

13. Neutron Music Player (Price: Free/$3.99 one-time free)

One of the reasons the Neutron Music Player is on our list is because it is the top-most used app by professional music players and audiophiles. The quality audio tweaks, functioning and configuration makes up for its dull interface. It can support different file formats and you can have several DSP settings like rumble filtering, crossfeed and surround sound.

14. Musicolet (Price: free)

This Music player is not only free of charges but free of ads too. Other than fancy cloud features that favors offline usage, it comes with loads of compatible features for local files as well. Multiple file formats are supported by Musicolet like tag editor, multiplex queue manager for playlists, lyrical support, widgets and sleep timer. In terms of functionality, this is one the best Android music players. Due to limited customization features, this app falls bit behind but if you prefer functionality over looks than this is the right app for you.

These were some of the apps we enlisted but there are still many other music streaming app providing similar features and support Chromecast that are not listed here. Find about them in the links down below for further information. But for now, it is time for you to get those headphones on and try one of these app to find which one suits you the BEST!

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