Best Mobile Gaming Genres to Try in 2023

by Harvey Wade

Mobile gaming is an industry that has grown significantly. In 2020, there were many new design features for mobile games and you can find many of them at casinoer i Danmark. We look through the data to find the genres that are in development and growing.

Since these are the genres that are seeing improvement, they are some of the best ones to try out this year. With the help of our expert Michael Vestersen we'll provide you with the most popular mobile games.

Social Gaming

As mobile gaming has become more popular, many developers are trying to add a social aspect. We've seen that PC and console gamers have built a community that enhances players' gaming experiences. The best mobile games in 2023 are incorporating chat lobbies into the games themselves so players can build a community.

Best Mobile Gaming Genres to Try in 2023:
Best Mobile Gaming Genres to Try in 2023:

There are currently many games that have social spaces that allow you to hang out with friends. With a feature like this, you'll be able to chill out, play mini-games, display character cosmetics, take quizzes, watch videos, and listen to music.

You can even find social casinos where you can play popular games with your friends. At this type of casino, you can gift each other coins to continue playing. You can have fun chatting while you play your favourite games. Some social casinos have a ranked leaderboard where you can try to get to the top.

Having a social area in a game is a great way to get people to keep coming back to or stay playing the game. Adding decoration elements is another way game developers retain players and monetise their game. Players can then show off their customisation to others giving everyone an incentive to collect more decorative items.

Match 3 Puzzles

Match three puzzles are one of the most popular mobile game genres on the market. These types of games make up around 17% of games downloaded from app stores. Over the years, we've seen many developments to match three games.

The gameplay has evolved to have layers on top of the main gameplay. For example, some games add a home design element that allows players to decorate by matching shapes.

The most well-known match three casino games are slots. This game comes in many themes, and you can play for free or for real money. Many of these games also have a jackpot feature to increase your chances of winning big.

This puzzle game genre is competitive, with many well-known brands at the top. But, there is still plenty of room for innovation. This causes match three games to be one of the most unique styles of games.

Shooter Games

First-person shooters (FPS) are another one of the most popular mobile game genres. We are familiar with games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite, Call of Duty, and the many new ones that are coming out.

Game developers are making new games for both PC and mobile devices. To make these games more appealing, they're adding team-based gameplay and fun graphics. They're also working on ways to make their game stand out from the rest on the market.

We saw growth in this type of mobile game after the release of PUBG, a battle royale style game. After its success, many other games started to make similar games. Though some aren't as appealing, others have added a fun spin on the genre.

You can even find some FPS casino games, but there aren't many at the moment. We'll see if more casino game providers will start making more of these types of games. After the explosion of FPS battle royale games, many players are tired of rehashings of the same game format. So, players stick to the shooting games that they're used to; only time will tell if more innovative games will be released.

Best Mobile Gaming Genres to Try in 2023:
Best Mobile Gaming Genres to Try in 2023:

Massively Multiplayer Online Games

Massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) are tricky to get into, but they can be enjoyable to play if designed right. The biggest challenge to MMOs is that most people are used to playing these games on PC, not on mobile. So, it can be hard to get new players to try out the games.

A way developers have been trying to combat this is to make their games work on multiple platforms. So, if you want to start playing on your PC, you can easily switch to playing on your phone. Games like Genshin Impact are trying out this strategy.

In casinos, games like poker and bingo are easy to play on mobile. Whether you use an app or play through the browser, you can have a lot of fun.


The mobile gaming industry will continue to grow, and here we've highlighted a few of the areas that are among the biggest. It'll be interesting to see what developers will introduce in the future.

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