How to Make PS4 Download Faster

Since the Original Sony PlayStation's debut years ago, and the many hardware upgrades the popular console has seen, one problem remains that is yet to be solved by Sony ahead of the release of the PlayStation 5 console.

Why Downloading PS4 Media Faster?

This issue is not that noticeable unless you own an Xbox console or you have probably once been a PC gamer. The issue is the exceptionally slow downloads every PlayStation player experiences when downloading games, movies or software updates. This persistent issue is as a result of a design flaw in the PlayStation consoles, something Sony surprisingly hasn't solved yet. The slow download is because the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation consoles always communicate weirdly.

This discrepancy will be one of the main deciding factors when the PlayStation 5 console is released. However, we would not concern ourselves with the PS5 or discuss the problems it might have before its release. Instead, this writes up will take a look at how to make PS4 downloads faster.

NOTE : These tips are general tips and will work for any version of the PlayStation 4 you have. As long as it is a PS4 console, these tips and tricks will 100 percent boost your PS4 download speed.

Best Ways to Increase Ps4 Download Speed

Best Ways to Increase Ps4 Download Speed
Best Ways to Increase Ps4 Download Speed

The first thing you have to consider is your internet connection. This might sound generic or even dumb but it is one of the most important things that influence the speed of a download. Your PS4 depends majorly on your internet connection when downloading any file. Once you are sure your internet connection can handle top speed downloading, here are different ways you can speed up your PS4 download speed.

Follow Simple Practices

There are several basic practices you know of but you do not apply that can boost your download. We will look at the best practices you need to abide by:

· Don't play online when downloading : Your internet connection might be good enough to download games or software updates at high speed. however, the speed considerably drops when you play an online game on the PS4.

· Download one at a time : Downloading more than one item or file at a time can also considerably lower the download speed of your PS4. This is a common thing when downloading irrespective of the device or system you are using. When you download multiple files simultaneously, they all have to share the download speed.

· Pause and Resume stuck downloads : Once you notice a download is stuck at a given range and appears to remain stagnant, pausing and resuming it can fix it. If it doesn't, you have to restart the download.

To prevent that kind of scenario, ensure you pause and resume the download so that it is not stuck too long.

· Check your PS4 for new System updates : Software updates are usually released when a known bug was recently discovered and fixed. When this happens, you will automatically receive prompts to update your PS4. You can also navigate to the Settings menu of your console and select System Software Update. That will show whether you are running the latest software or not.

Download in Rest Mode

This is one of the most popular ways people download using their PS4. The reason for this is because your downloads continue even when you are at home. That way, when you eventually get back home, you do not have to wait as long as you normally would have.

Rest Mode in PS4 is a mode when the console is in a low-power state, technically off, but some of its functions are still active. When the PS4 console is in rest mode, USB attached peripherals will still work and you can also charge your controllers. To activate this mode so that your download can continue even when you switch off your console, follow the steps below:

· Go to your console's main dashboard . The Dashboard is where you see all of your games. Scroll up till you see an icon that looks like a toolbox on the right-hand side of the screen. Selecting the icon will take you to your console's settings.

· Select Power Savings Settings then choose " Set Functions Available in Rest Mode ". You will receive a prompt telling you to select the functions you want available when the console is in Rest Mode.

· You will see an option that says " Stay Connected to the Internet ". Check the box next to it and you have successfully programmed your PS4 to download while in rest mode.

Use Wired Ethernet Connection or Optimize Your Current Internet Connection

This should not be strange to anyone. Wireless Networks are usually prone to interference which usually slows them down. Instead of using a wireless connection when downloading with your PS4 console, use Ethernet cable. Having a modern router won't save your wireless connection from interference when there is bad weather or if your neighbor also has a wireless connection.

Apart from being fast, Ethernet cable provides a stable network connection. Besides, the original PlayStation consoles are notorious for bad wireless connection which means the hardware doesn't do well with wireless connections. Regardless of the version of PS4 you are using, a switch to an Ethernet Cable will bring a noticeable increase in speed.

Switching to an Ethernet cable is easy. All PS4 models, whether it is the original, the slim or the pro model have their Ethernet port at the back of the console. To use the internet connection of the Ethernet cable, you have to connect one end of the cable to your console and connect the other to the free port you find on your router. This can be very useful if your router is too close to your PS4 console.

If the router you are using is on another floor and there is no Ethernet powerline adapter to get the connection to your room, the only thing you can do is to optimize your wireless connection. Many wireless problems are associated with 2.4 GHz wireless. 2.4 GHz, though have better wall penetration are older, slower and suffer more interference compared to 5 GHz. However, to use a 5 GHz wireless band on your PS4, you have to upgrade to PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro.

Switch Dns Servers

In case you do not know, DNS is the abbreviation of Domain Name System. In simple word, it is like a web address which determines how your connections perform when you visit a website. Not changing your DNS servers means you are okay with using the default servers of your service provider. Many PS4 users have provided testimonies that changing their DNS server resolved all download issues they had on their PS4.

For better results, changing the DNS server on your router will ensure all connected devices on the router will receive the change. There are lots of good DNS servers you can use on the internet. All you have to do is search for the fastest DNS server in your country.

You can also choose Google's DNS server - or OR you can also use CloudFlare's DNS server -

Use Proxy Server

Use Proxy Server
Use Proxy Server

If after trying all the above, your PS4 download speed is not on par with the kind of speed you get when downloading on your PC, the next and final step is to try a Proxy Server.

Proxy Servers are easy to set up and you can only set them up on a computer. These servers aid the communication process between PS4 consoles and the PlayStation Network. Below are the steps to take:

· Download any Proxy Server software of your choice on your computer. There are premium and free proxy server software. While the premium versions come with nice features, there are some incredibly good free proxy servers you can install.

One of the best free Windows Proxy Server Software: CCProxy

One of the best Mac Proxy Server Software: Squidman

· After installing the software for your Computer, launch the Proxy server to obtain the IP address and port number. Windows users will easily find the IP address and Port Number in the options menu of the CCProxy server.

· Now go to your PS4 console and set up a new internet connection for your console. To do this, navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the toolbox icon on your main dashboard. Now select " Network ", select " Internet Connection" and Select " Use Wifi ". Now select Custom and choose your router.

· The next step is to randomly choose between Automatic and Do Not Specify. You have to do this for all the options there except the Proxy Server Page.

· Once you are on the Proxy Server Page, input the Port Number and the IP address of the Proxy Server.

· Save the changes you just made. Now restart your download. When you start the download, your PS4 will now recognize your computer as a server. This should increase your download speed to a noticeable difference.

NOTE : The use of Proxy Server only applies when downloading large files using your PS4. Once the download is complete, you have to reconfigure your PS4 console. If you do not, you would not be able to play any online game using your console since you are no longer directly on the PS4 network server.

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