Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps in 2023

by Harvey Wade

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Why a Need for a Instagram Auto Liker App in 2023

Why a Need for a Instagram Auto Liker App in 2023
Why a Need for a Instagram Auto Liker App in 2023

Instagram is a social networking platform where different users all over the world post videos and photos. You interact with people by following them and vice versa. Your followers see your posts on their feed and decided to like it or not.

Instagram is wonderful for businesses, bloggers, influencers or regular people who just want to be Instagram-famous. As a business owner, the use of Instagram as a marketing tool cannot be over-emphasized.

You are given the opportunity to share your ideas, passions and build a community in the process. Every one wishes to have millions of likes and followers but that is usually not the case especially if one is just starting out.

Auto Likers For Instagram

There are many ways to gain likes on Instagram and auto likers are one of them. Some people prefer to pay social media management agencies and personnels to handle their accounts. However nice that sounds, not everyone can financially do that. Auto likers help increase the amount of likes on a post by significant amounts. You can either get these tools for free or pay for different plans. Some of them offer free trials for a period to enable you to test the waters.

After Facebook, Instagram is the most engaged social media platform with about 1 billion monthly active users. That’s a lot! No wonder businesses are killing it with Instagram.

Why You Should Use an Instagram Auto Liker ?

Why You Should Use an Instagram Auto Liker ?
Why You Should Use an Instagram Auto Liker ?

You may wonder why getting many likes is so important, if people are willing to go the extra mile by using auto likers. Here are some reasons.


nowadays, you don’t have to attend an event to meet people. Thanks to social media, introverts can meet new people without leaving their comfort zone. As a blogger, social media influencer, or business you can get a lot of persons to notice you via Instagram. In 2018 the developers made it more difficult to reach the target audience. They stopped sorting out the posts in a chronological order. So instead of seeing posts from the latest to the newest, you can see posts from two days before at the top of your feed. It is still a good tool to reach new people and build a community.

It Gives a Good Feeling

Though not everyone may say it out loud, we would all love to have so many people following us and liking our posts. It gives a sense of appreciation of some sort. This should not be replaced with real life friendships but it’s something worth having. Knowing that there are people rooting for you, sharing your passions or are just interested in your daily life is awesome. There are downsides to having a huge following on social media but many people don’t mind and they would gladly increase their followers if given the opportunity.


Though there are some speculations that Instagram may stop showing how many likes a post gets, it is not confirmed yet. Quick question…. Would you rather buy from a company that is popular, has a massive following with lots of likes on Instagram and other social media platforms or buy from one with almost non-existent followers and likes? New customers trust the business and are comfortable giving their money because it seems like many people enjoy their service or product. It has the same effect as reviews on a particular product from a store online or otherwise.

Market Research

Instagram is a great tool to find what your target audience prefers. If a particular post gets lots of likes, then the individual or business would know to post content that is related. It also allows you to test products for sale. When you promote products or services on Instagram, the ones that convert most are what you should keep selling. Like Facebook, Instagram is a wonderful place to do ad campaigns. Business is all about satisfying the customers and that is what the auto liker software lets you do. You can build a passionate community and grow your business through them.

List of Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps in 2023

Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps in 2023:
Best Instagram Auto Liker Apps in 2023:

It is difficult to grow an Instagram account organically especially for a business or individual that is relatively unknown. This is where auto-likers come in. There are so many of them in the market now and they all claim to be to best. It becomes an issue knowing which software to use especially because you have to pay for some of them and nobody wants to be scammed. Below are a list of the top ones you should try.

Like Growers - Liker App

Like Growers
Like Growers

It is a website that helps businesses and individuals improve their social media engagement by increasing their followers and likes. It is an awesome tool because unlike a lot of other auto likers, it easily passes the Instagram algorithm safely and allows its users to adjust it to their liking.

This paid tool has great features needed to grow an Instagram account such as sorting likes by accounts and locations. It is easy to use and requires a few steps. They are:

● Registering an account at

● Choosing from the three plans available and purchasing it. They offer Basic, Premium and Professional plans.

● Setting the like aspects. That is; users, hashtags, and locations.

● Picking the liking speed within sixty minutes.

● Choosing if you want likes from “Personal Feeds” or “Search and Explore”.

● Preventing some posts from receiving likes.

RoboLike - Liker Url


RoboLike is one of the best auto-liking service out there. It increases likes of not only Instagram but Twitter and other social media platforms. This service increases your social media following and likes organically and not by bots. It selects certain posts or hashtags and shows them to people who are most likely interested in the content and would like the posts. In other words, it makes your target audience notice you.

To access this tool, follow these and steps:

● Create an account at the website

● Choose the Instagram package. It comes with a 3 days free trial which is awesome if you want to test it out.

● Select the hashtags you want to be promoted.

● Pick a time bound.

● Wait for your followers and likes to increase. A 90 like per hour rate is possible with this tool.

Perfect Liker - App

Perfect Liker
Perfect Liker

This tool helps increase followers and likes on Instagram organically. The likes are from real people and not bots. It is a free tool that helps individuals and businesses get about 20 likes and 10 new followers in 30 minutes. It also offers a VIP membership plan for people who want more features. If you are on a low budget, this is your plug.

Follow these steps to get started:

● Visit the Perfect Liker Website at

● Input your Instagram login information i.e. your user name and password.

● At the menu bar, pick between “Get Likes” and “Get Followers”.

● Start increasing your likes and followers.

Bigbangram - Liker Site


This tool is a bot that not only increases your likes but also manages your account in general. It improves your followers count, comments and sends direct messages. How cool is that? Instagram promotes accounts with the better engagement and that is exactly what this tool helps you do.

It brings related accounts to their target audience very easily. The scheduled posting, free proxy, and setup features are favorable to its users

This is what you need to do:

● Go to the website at

● Sign up through the pop up and get full setup for free.

● Follow the steps to sign in.

● The 3-day trial costs $1 after which you can pick a package of your choice.

Following Like - Liker Website

Following Like
Following Like

This is another awesome tool to get a large following on Instagram and increase likes. It works on other social media platforms such as Tumblr, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. It helps you automatically follow, unfollow, like, share comment, pin, send messages and so on, on these platforms. There are 3 plans to choose from. They are the one account, five accounts and unlimited account plans. You can purchase the one account plan if you are an individual and only require a single account to be automated. The 5 account plan is great for small businesses while the unlimited plan gives you liberty to add as many accounts as you want and has special features which are updated regularly.

Get started with this tool by:

● Heading to the website at

● Subscribing to a plan of your choice.

● Completing the registration and start using the tool.

Other Instagram Auto Likers

Some of the Instagram auto likers you can also try are:

Liker NameApp Url
Ingramer Liker Link
Instazood Liker Link
Royal Likes for Instagram Liker Link
Mahergram Liker Link
SARA Agency Liker Link
Boostgram Liker Link

Having a huge following with a lot of likes is important for individuals and businesses that want to be popular or go viral. There are billions of people who use the Internet every day and ranking your personal or business website on google isn’t a piece of cake either so Instagram is a great option. It may not be so easy to have organic growth on any social media platform especially Instagram without the help of an agency or software. Using Auto likers for Instagram is the easiest solution to that challenge

Begin scaling up your business or passion today with these tools.

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