How to Buy Cheap Discount Sports Tickets Online and Off in 2023

by Harvey Wade

According to a research carried out by the anti counterfeit outfit, 2 in 10 millennial has fallen victim to counterfeiting of tickets.

You probably must have come across someone that has been scammed by a counterfeit event pass, even though they are reluctant to admit it.

The great news now is that the universe is now full of genuine places where you can buy legitimate sport tickets, and at a fairly discounted price.

Best Places to Buy Cheap Discount Sports Tickets Online and Off in 2023

Now we will look at various digital places and some physical places where discounted sport tickets can be obtained.

SeatGeek - Ticket Link


This is an online sport ticket website you can rely and put confidence in. Their fees are transparent and a good deal that makes it simple and easy for you to know that the deal you are getting is the best available deal possible. And this website has a lot of things they do very well and reducing fee is one of them, which make this website a great option if you are looking for a good website with a reduced price.

Clear emphasis are placed on sports with a crop down menu which gives you a hundreds of options for an event and also a bar for searching that allows you actually search by team, venue and even by the event. SeatGeek has a good looking website with modern feel.

They also have an application that is available for download on play store for android users and on app store for iPhone users. Also, there is a referral scheme that allows you refer a friend and saves you some money.

StubHub - Ticket Link


This online website sells sports tickets to more than 70 different kinds of sport events, and this makes it among the largest sports ticket website we have seen so far.

It came out as one of the top websites in our price comparing test. Where the average prices of tickets was compared in 3 sporting occasions.

Also, just like SeatGeek, only $8 was added by the website in handling and shipping fees to a ticket of $25 and this is far less than every other websites that was tested. This, when paired with a 10% resale fee of ticket, makes it the best place to get an amazing and discounted fee for sports tickets.

StunHub, which is owned by eBay, events can be searched depending on the sport you are interested in, where you live or your favorite sport team. You will observe a fire icon when tickets are popular and particular for a certain event and as a result, you won't ever miss out on securing a seat.

And once an event has been selected by you, you would see which seat is available in each section of the arena or the stadium, and also view from every spot. This is seen on the website interactive seat chart.

Ticket results can also be sorted by their price, the best seats and value. You just have to download the free StubHub application if you need a ticket this very moment. And if situation arise and you don't want the ticket anymore, you can actually resell the ticket right there through StubHub.

The site takes only 10% off the selling price, which is definitely among the lowest resale fee seen so far.

Like most sites, genuine event tickets are guaranteed and your money will be refunded if the event do not take place or cancelled.

Ticketbis is now owned by StubHub, and as a result, you now have more means to get tickets for about 11 million sports, and any other entertainment events that are taking place in more than 50 countries.

Razorgator - Ticket Link


When you visit the razorgator website for the very first time, you would think it is a website for booking concert tickets alone. The website homepage actually shows list of some trending events which are geared towards song artists. Nevertheless, there are large number of sport events that are covered by this website, hence, making it an interesting website to purchase sports tickets.

The chart for stadium is very interactive, there they have the most filters of every tested website. To name just a few, search can be done by price, best deal and the best seat.

The results can also be narrowed to wheelchair accessible, on aisle, and to elite sellers only. Every tickets have their own type, be it an electronic type or a physical type which is just next to the list.

Double ups can be done on the filters which comes in handy if you have a particular type of ticket on your mind. In price comparison with other websites, razorgator came out as one of the cheapest website for sports tickets purchase .

Like most other ticket websites, razorgator also sells theater as well as concert tickets. There is a 100% buyer guarantee on every of their ticket. As a result, if a sport event or a concert is rescheduled or postponed, the ticket can be used on the new postponed date or the ticket can be listed again for sale on the razorgator website.

There is a customer care support line, an email support and also contacts through social media where buyers can actually lay complains.

Vivid seat - Ticket Link


vivid seat fee is not entirely attractive but their prices are decent and their reward system actually pays off for fans of sports. There are a number of things to like about the vividseat website, one of them being it's reward scheme which actually rewards their buyers with about 8 per cent credit when they make purchase through the vividseat application.

Hence, this makes the vivid seat a good choice for regular sports fans because there's a lot of sport events to pick from. 8 per cent credit can be gotten on tickets on vivid seat which depends on how much you spend.

Also if you spend over $2000 every year (hall of famer) this credit will not expire.

But if you don't have the buoyancy to spend $2000 on tickets every year, you need not worry, because your credit will last for a whole year.

There are also good prices which are comparable with fronts runners websites. Although, the fees are more expensive than the sports tickets in some cases.

Ticketmaster - Ticket Link


Ticketmaster is a very good sports tickets website with amazing return policy although there are variables in their pricing.

Most sports ticket websites only give a full refund if an event is cancelled and this doesn't include postponed events.

Some other websites excludes sports events that are cancelled due to unfavorable weather conditions. And this can be very frustrating, most especially if you have already bought a plane ticket ahead of the game. Ticketmaster guarantee implies that you have just 3 days to get back your money.

However, this is not applicable to every ticket the website sells, but it is still a very good deal.

And also in case of total event cancellation, there is no need to worry as your your money will be refunded in full. The design of this website is not entirely clean but it is a good choice when looking for a website to purchase ticket to various sports, music and other entertainment events.

Once an event has been selected, the venue can be viewed and also see the exact location of the seats. The sports tickets on ticketmaster has one of the most satisfactory fee. Although their prices occasionally fluctuate depending on the particular event. For instance, a ticket sold at $15 may actually be sold on the website at around $23.

Nevertheless, if you are willing to pay higher for a customer guarantee fee that won't disappoint you, then ticketmaster is a good choice.

Box Office - Ticket Link


This website is the lowest and very obvious source for authentic sports tickets. A face value is paid each time, and anytime a game is sold out, it is sold out. But there is guarantee of getting a good ticket for a good seat.

Nowadays, you need not show up to get tickets at the ball park. You can easily visit the box office official website for league, venue and the home team where you can select your most preferred seats, section and game.

But if you are close to the venue, then you can consider purchasing your tickets in person. That way, you will save on fee. The box office is also a good place to purchase sports tickets at the last possible minute.

Craigslist - Ticket Link


Craigslist is a good online marketplace that is known for their endless varieties of good available for sale. In the metropolitan markets, this website has tickets for almost all professional and collegial sports events, even up to the game day.

This website is well known for its large varieties of offerings and you are very likely to get tickets to your preferred game on this website, than any other resale marketplace.

Ticket Link
Ticket Link

Craigslist is also available for sellers who are very desperate and willing to sell their ticket at a very cheap price.

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