Best Epub Readers for Windows

by Harvey Wade

Epub is a useful reading tool for windows used by millions of users worldwide. It helps to read and view the Epub files. This basic but a featured-packed reader allows you to read comics, books, and documents. Moreover, it also comes with the feature of converting Epub files into PDFs. It one of the most preferred tools by the readers and it comes with a free trial period, unlike other reading tools. Also, the free trial doesn't limit the features and usage that is why it is more loved than other reading tools. It is the format with the extension. Epub where you can download files and can read them on any device. You can merge many files altogether and can convert them into a PDF in a single click. Almost all the publications in the world use the format of the Epub reading tool. Coming to the point, it is a great tool with some excellent features and anyone can use it without any doubt.

Features of Epub

· Fast PDF conversions: As already mentioned above, this is their best feature above all. Since it comes with an easy to use, you won't need any technical skills to convert the files. It has great flexibility and the conversion time is very quick.

· Well organized documents: Documents comes with well-organized tables. So, if you are someone who loves neat and organized content, you are going to love this feature of this tool

· Easy feature:This tool comes with great ease to use. The interface is so simple that it won't need much of your time to understand.

· For avid readers:If you love reading then you should definitely try this tool. You can read millions of books and documents on your desktop in one place.

Epub Readers for Windows

Epub Readers for Windows
Epub Readers for Windows

It is a program used by windows that helps in viewing the Epub files. Many tablets came into the market for viewing the Epub files but now you don't need to spend much. There are many reading tools for windows that will give you the exact experience. The file will appear on the right and the table of contents to the left. For windows, it has a control to zoom in or out up to 400%. The loading and scrolling speed is fast and hence this tool is best of all.

There are many Epub readers available for the windows but the question arises is how to select the best one?

If you search it on the internet every reader promises you to give the best features and services. But, it's on us to look out for the most convenient one as per our needs and usage.

What Makes a Good Epub Reacher?

Here are the few points which you need to keep in mind about selecting the best Epub reader for your computer :

1. A Reader Which Gives You a Good Amount of Features

There are many readers in the market with awesome features. So, you don't need to settle with the one that only provides you the minimal access.

2. The Support

Almost all the readers support every platform like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Vista.

3. Easy to use

The reader you'll choose should come with ease to use. You definitely don't want to waste time on understanding than reading.

4. Should Be Free

Who doesn't like getting something for free or in the minimal fee? We all do right? So, choose the reader that gives you their services for free but it should come with all the features.

Best Epub Readers for Windows Pc

Now, that you know how to choose a good reader we have sorted out a list of - Best Epub readers for windows by keeping all the points into consideration.

1. Calibre


As said, "the oldest, the best". Calibre is the oldest ( 2013 released) and arguably the perfect Epub reader for the windows. This app has got all the features like


• managing the metadata.

• ease to transfer books across devices.

• You can download covers for books.

• It is good for novels, really good for magazines, and perfect for comics.

It is free cross-platform software and also allows editing for EPUB and AZW3 formats.

Calibre is one of the most preferred platforms used by all readers. Since it's free and comes with great features it is topping the ranking list for years now. Also, if you are finding a reader for your PC you must consider Cablire without any doubt.

It supports all the windows.

2. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions

Abode is the only company that creates any type of creative software. It is one of the leading companies and you cannot doubt software by them. Their Adobe digital Edition is an amazing Epub reader, especially for computer users. The main reason for its popularity is its support for EPUB3. It gives a richer experience to readers because:

· They support the right to left reading.

· No loss of clarity while re-sizing the image.

· They've got more interactive quizzes.

· And, a better understanding of math formulas.

Adobe Digital editions bring a lot of convenient features like:

· Amazing search capabilities.

· They provide the ability to rent or borrow Epub books from libraries or anywhere.

· Multi-lingual support.

· Bookmarking.

· High lighting.

· The ability to make notes.

· Supports all the windows.

So, if you want a full-fledged reading experience then this app is the right place to go to.

3. Freda


It is one of the most loved Epub readers. It is because it looks like exactly like Windows 10 app and that's why it stands out from every other reader. The best feature of this app is its theming capabilities which help the user to customize and use it as per the need. You can change it the way you like. It well supports Epub and other famous formats like Mobi, HTML, TXT, and FB2. It will give you access to more than 50,000 domains for free from Gutenberg, Feedbooks and many more. If you want a good visual experience then do prefer Freda.

It supports Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

4. Cover


It is an app primarily for reading comics on a Windows PC. Because the app supports the format of Epub, it has its place in this list. This app is amazing for reading books that have high-resolution images. Though most of the readers can handle images, no one does the way Cover does. If you are a fan of comics and manga then there's no better app than this. This app is free with in-app purchases.

It supports Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

5. Neat Reader

Neat Reader
Neat Reader

It is an extension of Chrome which makes it best for browser reading. It is a cross-platform that enables an advanced Epub reader and allows you to save all your EpubS in the cloud. You can now access them on any browser on any Windows. Moreover, you can use it on OS like MAC and Linux too. Neat reader has got all the basic features like:

• you can change fonts according to you.

• you can bookmark and make notes.

• You can select single or double pages as per your liking.

• If you like the experience of hardcover then you can select double pages.

• The free version allows you to manage up to three books while for the premium account they charge $19.99.

6. Bookviser


If you are into physical books then you will definitely love Bookviser. The feel of paper you will get from this app is amazing but only without smell. It is free to use and you can download it in your windows. It does this by designing UI the way it gives the same look like a real one. It comes with all the basic features like any other Epub reader including:

· Tracking.

· Theming.

· Dictionary support and many more.

· It allows you to download many classic books for free.

Bookviser supports Gutenberg, Smashwords, and Feedbooks.

It works on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1

7. Kobo

Best Epub Readers for Windows: Kobo
Best Epub Readers for Windows: Kobo

Kobo is not solely an eBook viewer but also a service that enables you to buy books from their store, the same as Kindle. Kindle doesn't support other formats whereas Kubo supports both Epub version 1 and 3 formats. It comes with all the basic features that you can expect from any other reader. The features include:

· Searching.

· Bookmarking

· Tracking progress.

· Theming.

· Making notes.

The greatest reason for Kubo being most loved by all the readers is their store. You can browse and over 5million of books for a free or minimal price. They have a wide variety of eBooks, kids' books, and comics.

It supports Windows 8 .1 and Windows 10.

8. Nook

Best Epub Readers for Windows: Nook
Best Epub Readers for Windows: Nook

You must have heard about Barnes and Noble if you are a book lover. Barnes and Noble's  Nook is the counterpart of Amazon's Kindle. It has their online and offline store. The features are the same as Kobo. They have their own online store which allows you to download and read millions of books.

The reader gives you the 14 days free trial period where you can access any collection you like. As the trial ends, you need to buy books from later on.

Features the app comes with:

  • Font Customization
  • Online sync across devices.
  • Thousands of themes.
  • It supports Windows 10 and previous.

9. Bibliovore


It is a great app that you can download and use for free. This app comes with an exceptional feature of allowing you to manage large libraries. The features of Bibliovore include:

· You can adjust fonts.

· Manage reading themes.

· Edit data.

· It has both day and night modes.

· And, it helps you to sync all your books in one drive.

10. Epub Reader

Epub Reader
Epub Reader

Last but not the least, Epub reader is the simplest app to use. It is the only paid app but comes with all the amazing features. It allows you to download books from personal sources and will allow you to manage your own library. This app has all the features like any other reader and exceptional is that you need to spare extra space in your PC.

It supports Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Now, that you know about all the best Epub readers you can choose the one that fits you the best and install it easy.

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