Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2023

by Harvey Wade

Gone are the days when we always needed some quick cash to make a call. Then when the call finally gets through after endless hours of waiting on good telecommunication signals, we quickly speak or we would be out of cash in a moment. Advanced Technology has made calling pretty much easier and faster. The whole world has been reduced to a global village. No one is ever too far from you. They are only a video call away!!

List of Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2023

We understand the need to keep communication on the go. With friends, work and family now all within reach, no one has the time or patience for a slow connection at all. That's why we have searched very far and wide to bring you the best options out there. When it comes to communication we should never settle for less, right? Here are 8 best apps for calling Free on Android:

1. Facebook Messenger App - App Link

Facebook Messenger App
Facebook Messenger App

Facebook messenger app is well known . Using it to make a free call would be most effective because almost everybody uses the app. It is also well-trusted. There is free messaging, video chats, file sharing and more. Phone numbers aren't needed to call. The app is for communicating with friends and family. Business discussions can also be done here. It has several other features. For business people, aside from communicating with potential prospects, you can also get paid on the app. All you need is to add your debit card, or your PayPal/Payoneer account. Your money will get to you soonest. For the gamers, there are a few games you can play. There are also competitions, take that opportunity to beat that friend so you can become the top leader on the board. There are always people willing to play with you. Furthermore, there are chatting features that make messaging more interesting. This includes emoji, live GIFs, and stickers. There is also the option to send voice chats instead of texting. You can always have a group call for a business meeting.

2. Skype - App Link


Skype is a personal favorite. It is very efficient for voice calls. You can also video call, send voice chats, video chats or simple chatting. This free calling app is compatible with your mobile, desktops, tablets, and other devices. Your information is also synced on all the devices you sign into. So when you want to make a call, your contacts are already there for you. All you need is a stable internet connection. You can also have a group meeting, which can be a voice or video call, as well as a group chat. The app is free to use, but there are in-app purchases for credits. This is for when you want to call actual phone numbers. The makers of Skype also have a service strictly for Business, if you would like to separate leisure from work. Skype is one of the best apps to use for free voice and video calls. Especially when calling from abroad.

Feature of Skype:

· It is very Free.

· Compatible with all devices

· Can have individual or group meetings.

· Has a formal version for Business only

3. Signal Private Messenger - App Link

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is very good for persons who want to keep their messages private. The app has its major focus on security while giving you a great calling experience. It encrypts all messages, voice, video calls, and it is open source. You can send along with your texts any file type you want, including audio clips. Another privacy feature it has is Disappearing messages . None of them are saved on any server. And it is completely free. The security is only compromised if one party is not using the app. Everyone involved in messaging has to use the app to ensure a good end-to-end encryption and complete privacy.

4. Viber - App Link


Viber is a free, fast and very secure app. It can be used for calling, as well as messaging anyone you want. The app also allows you have text messages, voice messages and video chats. All you need is a good connection to the internet. The person you would like to contact should also be in the app. It is completely free -for-all Viber to Viber calls, video and voice chats. Although there are a few in -app purchases they are very affordable. For example, you can buy calling credits. This is for when you want to call a phone number directly, but through the app. You can buy a few more stickers to add to their already amazing collection. They are affordable as well . If you would like to customize your app, they have good options for a cheap price. And everything is worth buying in the end .

Features of Viber:

· It is free, fast and secure

· Can also be used to text and video chat

· It is customizable

· It is user-friendly

5. Slack - App Link


Slack is for business owners. Both Big and small. You can make free, good quality calls to other members or people who use slack. You can also text, and send messages to people. The app is cross -platform. A lot of tools and services that are necessary for your business can be integrated into it. For example, your Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana, Zendesk, Twitter. All you need for communication and organisation is in one place. There are more features that slack provides that can help even more with your business. You can upgrade to the affordable fee of $6.67-$12.50 per month to use them. The pricing will depend on your membership plan.

6. WhatsApp - App Link


Everybody knows WhatsApp. If there is one app that requires no thinking when it comes to making free calls, it is this one. Just like Facebook, almost everyone uses it. So it will not be difficult reaching someone on the app. It has free voice calls, video calls, and a free chatting system. You can send voice chats or video chats as well . It only needs a stable internet connection from both parties to perform well. It has a lot of good quality calls. Everything is free. There are no fees involved in this app, or in-app purchases. The notifications are fast, so you don't miss out on any messages or calls you have. It works very well and fast. There are also other features you can use to make your experience more interesting.

Features of WhatsApp:

· It is completely free

· Almost everyone uses it

· No in-app purchases

· It is very fast and reliable

7. Google Duo - App Link

Google Duo
Google Duo

Google Duo is a video chatting app. You can also use it to make video and voice calls as well . They are all of high quality. All that is needed is for you to log in through your phone number. The person you want to reach also needs to be on the app for you to make the call. The app is free to use, and there are no in-app purchases. It is multi -platform. It works very well on all Android, as well as all iOS devices.

8. Discord - App Link

Discord is a great app that was made for enthusiastic gamers. About 250 million gamers all over the world use this app to communicate with fellow enthusiasts. And you can join in the fun. You can use it to make video calls to any gamers you know. You can also use it for text and voice messaging. Although strictly speaking , it is mainly for voice messaging. The app is very secure. Group chats are by a secret invite-only. But you have private individual chatting too. And you can use your chat server or a public one.

Apart from making calls, you can also play games, organize battle squads and crush every player to become the winner!! Clan members can be arranged into a group. They can all be messaged at the same time using a tag. Your channels can also be organized by topics within each server you are using. If you want to express more during chats , simply make use of all their stickers. The app is completely free. Although, there are a few in -app purchases. It is for those who would want to upgrade or customize the app according to their desires. They are all affordable and increase the enjoyment of your experience.

Major community apps use Discord for posting news, polls, to reach and communicate with their followers. The app keeps all of them up to date with their service providers. Discord is available for all devices. You can use the site version too, whichever one you prefer. And it's all FREE!

Conclusion of Best Android Calling Apps for Free

We have gathered the top, best, and free calling apps for your needs. Most of them are compatible with all devices. Accounts can be synced across all your devices as well . They also push notifications, so you will not miss out on any call or texts. We do hope you have a great calling experience with these ones listed above. Thanks for staying with us. See you next time!!

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