The Best Time-lapse Apps for Android 2022

It is known far and wide, that there is nothing better than some well-executed videography. The aesthetics, the cinematography, the angles they're all used by filmmakers to visually inspire their audiences. But, if there is one thing that may come close to a good film, it's the ability to record time-lapse videos that add just a little more spice to your content. If you are an iPhone user, you might be familiar with the time-lapse option that is already there in your camera app. It is truly an exciting opportunity to record so much content and have it played back in the fast forward fashion. It is even more exciting when such an opportunity is available for you, an individual, to take advantage of.

List of Best time-lapse apps for Android 2022

However, if you do not have the time-lapse feature on your phone or you are an android user then the list featured here is for you! We have compiled all the best time-lapse apps there in the App Store and in the Play Store. Whether you are an iPhone user or using an Android device, you're sure to benefit from this!

1. Framelapse

This special app comes with the advantage of giving you an almost zero amount rendering time! This is great because that means that it can function faster and better than most other apps offering the same features. Framelapse also gives you an infinite control over the settings area. You can now have significant control over things like the exposure of your camera, white balance and even the timer. You can even make changes in the filters applied, frame interval and even define your frame intervals in the videos you make. It is one of the easiest time-lapse apps to use and can really help you get familiar with the world of time-lapse if you are a beginner. It even has the option of letting you choose the resolution and bitrate of the app so as you better suit your needs.

If you are a little tight on money and can't spend much on apps and gimmicks alike, then you have nothing to worry about! This app comes with a free version that deals specifically with time-lapse matters only. This sounds like a dream if you are not one to mind the popping up of ads sometimes. But, if you would like an ad-free experience with exposure-lock and other additional features mentioned before then you can purchase the app for yourself.

Cost: android ( free , $2.99 )

2. Lapse It - App Link

Lapse It
Lapse It

If you are looking for an all- in -one time-lapse app then look no further. Lapse It has the answer to all your questions about technical matters and has additional features that can do nothing but better your videos. This app gives you complete control over what could only be considered as 'everything'. From choosing intervals, white balances and even manipulating the manual settings, this app really does let you take the reins when it comes to shooting your time-lapses. The amazing thing is that this app not only is great at letting you capture time-lapse videos, but you are even free to explore the options to create stop-motion videos! Now that's true diversity right there!

Not really that happy with what you've created? Don't worry, you can even change a premade videos codec, resolution and even its frame rate! Lapse It gives you all the freedom to alter, change and even manipulate the videos you've created without confusing you even for a little bit .

The only downside for this app can be that most of the additional features that this app offers can only be accessed if you purchase them. With the free version you can still use the time-lapse option, but wouldn't it be better to have all those features to play with?

Cost: iPhone ( free , in-app purchases: $2.99 ), Android ( free , in-app purchases: $2.99 )

3. Microsoft Hyperlapse - App Link

Microsoft Hyperlapse
Microsoft Hyperlapse

As you may have guessed from the name this app comes developed from Microsoft itself. The app is pretty straightforward with a relatively simple and easy to use interface. It even has the option to let you import all your previous made videos from other programs and applications. If you do, however, wish to shoot a new video from this app you're in for an amazing experience. With the videos you have shot, you get the option to a multitude of features to better them! Aside from this you have total control over the frame rate and speed of your videos. You can adjust the speed to anywhere from 1x to even 32x, so if you're in the mood to stabilize the video you have created without damaging the audio whatsoever , just adjust the speed to 1x and there you have it! A stable work of art! This app has a variety of options to change the speed, resolution and even the filters once you've shot your videos. What is more is that after creating, editing and formatting your videos, you can even export your masterpiece with all your peers!

Cost: Android ( free )

4. Hyperlapse from Instagram - App Link

Hyperlapse from Instagram
Hyperlapse from Instagram

This is one of the mire simpler and easier to use names on our list. And, before you think you need to have an Instagram account to access this, stop. You don't even need to have heard of Instagram to use this app. So, if you're in the minority and don't even use Instagram chill, we got you. This app right here lets you create beautiful time-lapse videos. If you're in motion and are worried about blurs, don't worry. Hyperlapse stabilizes its videos from Instagram's own in-house stabilization technique. The result you get is a wonderful, smooth flowing time-lapse that can impress even the most skilled film makers you know. These time-lapse videos can be created and edited to up to 12x the speed and can even be shared with your friends and family. This gives you all the more reason to show off your video capturing skills.

The easy interface, the user-friendly camera/speed options and even the ability to share easily with people? What more could you possibly need?

Cost: iPhone ( free )

5. TimeLapse

This is a very powerful app that has been specifically designed for capturing time-lapse videos. Like the other names on this list, it offers additional features like the manual controls of saturation, contrast, exposure, you name it. What's new is that you now have the ability to record in 4K and have the option to save all your content in RAW image format. In addition to all these, you can even record tilt-shift videos and, get legit no time-lapse flicker. When you've recorded, rendered and are happy with your new creation, you still have the ability to edit your videos at a frame level! How cool to have that much control over your content!

This app comes with both a free and a paid version. With the free version, you are allotted a specific amount of recordings which you can make. To create more you might have to purchase the paid version. It is a little heftier on the wallet, but believe us when we tell you it is worth every cent!

Cost: iPhone ( free , $4.99 )

6. iTimeLapse Pro

This app is more or less centered on the idea of you sharing your content with others. What's cool about its functions is that it lets you click a collection of pictures and then auto-merges them to create one big video. For you, you get to decide if the app should manually click these images or if it should set a time defined interval for a more complicated shoot. Either way this is fantastic for those of you know really would like to make stop-motion videos! After your images have been shot and you have your video ready, you can add your audio to the video itself to give it a little bit of a flare.

You know how sometime you may not be in the mood to compile all that footage into a single video all in one sitting? Don't worry, you're not alone. It happens to all of us. This is why this app lets you have different sessions in which you can work in whenever you feel like. In the meantime, it auto-saves any video that might be pending so you can come back whenever and work on it however you like. How convenient!

Cost: iPhone ( $2.99 )

7. iMotion

iMotion boasts about giving their users so many features like exposure control, white balance and so many other features that are already available in other apps in this list. But, what is new with iMotion is that they offer WiFi remote and manual mode. The content recorded on this app is saved automatically and you can create whatever content you want with up to 10 FPS (frames per second). That's pretty exciting as 10 FPS is insanely fast! When you have recorded and saved you can even go back to the saved files and you'll get the options to edit again. While doing this you can get the choice to reverse playback. This lets you creatively edit your time-lapses and ensures you get that unique quality in your videos. This really is impressive for an app that you will get for the very low price of $0.

Cost: iPhone ( $0 )

8. OSnap ! - App Link

OSnap !
OSnap !

This app is perfect for not only capturing images, but also for time-lapses and stop-motion videos! While you do get options which help you create a better, more professional final cut, this app also gives you the option to explore some of its presets which are also available for you to use!

Like the other names on this list, you do get complete control over how you click your images, whether manually or with a set timer. The most amazing feature that no other app can ever claim to have? The clap feature . This feature lets you click photos without missing a beat just by clapping your hands! What an ingenious idea!

So what are you waiting for? Get this app as soon as you can and let yourself do the clapping!

Cost: iPhone ( free , with in-app purchases: $3.99 )

9. BONUS for Android Time lapse Apps!

As a little bonus addition to our list, we would like to mention the ingenious PicPac Stop Motion app. This app may defer from OSnap ! But you can be sure that it's equally as fun and useful. The catch? The manual mode of this app is voice activated. Just make a screech and the pictures you need for your stop-motion video are clicked ! As easy as that. Although it does have amazing features, you may need to make some purchases to get access to those. But what's a little money when you can make all these amazing creations of art?

Cost: Android ( free , with in-app purchases )

So! Now that you're familiar with all the best options and app names that you will need to create your own videos, you have no reason to procrastinate further. Get up and get filming!

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