How to get iMessage on PC Windows 2023

by Harvey Wade

There are many messaging apps like Whatsapp and Messenger available in the market, but iMessage is still loved by Apple users. iMessage is restricted to only apple products like iPhone, iPad, iMac and other Apple devices.

If you are having an iPhone or iPad and a windows pc then you can’t use iMessage on your computer. Still, there are some ways to use iMessage on the PC through which you can use iMessage on your Windows computer. This will work even if you are having a Linux computer. You will have to do a little work to make it work but it is definitely worth it.

Why Looking for iMessage on PC Windows in 2023

iMessage was launched by Apple in 2012 to compete with other text messaging services. They want their users to have a different and unique experience. Thus, they created a messaging service which was connected to all Apple Devices.

iMessage allows its users to start the conversations from where they left off from their iPad or iMac. It is completely free for Apple users and you can use it on any Apple devices without buying any license. It has many features like you can continue your phone conversation on your computer.

These unique features make other platform users crave for it. They generally think if there is any way to use iMessage on their PC and thus try to find some way to use it. Here we will talk about some easy methods which you can use to get iMessage on your PC.

Simple Steps to get iMessage on Windows PC

Apple has made sure that no other platform users can access iMessage. They want it to be only available to their platform and thus you can’t use iMessage directly on your PC. iMessage adds a lot of value to Apple brand as it is a very famous messaging service. But, still, there are some ways to use iMessage on your PC. Of course, these are not provided by Apple but they can’t stop anyone from using these methods to use iMessage. These methods are not very simple but it will be worth it if you want to use iMessage without buying an Apple device.



Emulators are very famous in the market right now. Using emulator you can use any platform operating system on your computer. Also, emulators are developed by open source community or by developers and they release it for free. You don’t have to buy a license to use it and you can use them for free.

Emulators are used to emulate other operating systems on your computer. You can use the console operating system on your pc and play console specific game on your computer. You can also use android on your computer. Also, you don’t have to worry about removing your current operating system. These emulators can emulate other operating systems on top of your operating system. After using Android emulator, you can use android and windows both on your computer.

Like Android, Apple emulators are also available. You can use iOS on your computer and access all iOS apps. This emulator will run iOS dmg file on your computer and you will see iOS interface with all its apps.

There are many iOS emulators available for Windows which can do this work. But, iPadian Emulator is the recommended one. It is the best emulator available for iOS and you won’t have any problem while using this. Other iOS emulators can be malware or virus and we won’t recommend them as we haven’t tested them.

Now, we will tell you about how to use the iPadian emulator on your pc. It is very easy to use this emulator. Just follow steps mentioned below.

1. Visit and download the free app from there. You can also find other sources on google but try to download from the official resource.

2. Once you have downloaded it, open the installer and wait for it to install. It will take time depending on your computer

3. After installing, run the emulator. Continue by accepting terms and conditions.

4. Once it has finished installing, open it. Use the interface for a while to get accustomed to it if you are not an iOS user.

5. Find the search bar on top of the emulator and search “iMessage” in it.

6. You can now install iMessage on your emulator by clicking on the download button.

7. After it has downloaded, run iMessage on your emulator. Now you can link it to your iMessage account or create a new account.

This is the most famous method to use iMessage on your pc. You will need a good internet connection for this as you are running iOS on a different operating system. Also, your computer will become slower when you are running emulator as it is a very heavy application.

You can still use your windows operating system at the same time and don’t have to worry about your data in windows. You can try other iOS emulators also, they will also work the same way.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is the easiest way to access iMessage on your windows computer. You need to install chrome browser on your computer before using this method. Also, you need to own a Mac computer to use this.

Chrome Remote Desktop is used to use your Mac computer and then you can use iMessage using your computer. The only disadvantage of this method is that your mac should be turned on otherwise it won’t work. Chrome Remote Desktop will give you a secure connection with your mac computer. You can access your Mac or iMessage from any corner of the world using any computer you want.

If you are having a Mac and want to use iMessage on your window or Linux computer then this method is for you. Follow below steps to use iMessage on your computer using Chrome Remote Desktop.

1. Open your Mac and make sure that iMessage is installed in it. You can download iMessage if it is not installed in your Mac.

2. Download chrome browser on your windows or Linux computer. You can download it from the Chrome official website.

3. Now search for Chrome Remote Desktop extension and download in both the computers.

4. Run Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your windows computer. On your mac, you need to download Chrome Remote Desktop Host and install it.

5. After downloading it, install it on your mac also. Make sure both your mac and computer is running at the same time.

6. Now open Chrome Remote Desktop on your mac and you will get a 12 digit code. Note it down.

7. Open Chrome Remote Desktop on your windows computer. After that, paste the 12 digit code which you have obtained from Mac.

8. After entering the code, both your computer and Mac will be connected. Now you can open iMessage and use it on your computer.

These are two famous methods through which you can iMessage on your PC. The first method will take more RAM and you will need a good computer to run the emulator on it. You can try this method if you are not having a Mac. If you already own a Mac and want to use iMessage on your computer then try Chrome Remote Desktop.

Tips on How to get iMessage on PC 2023

You should know about the requirements before running these apps on your computer. It is important to know if you can run these apps on your computer or not.

Operating System (OS) version

You can use iMessage on Apple devices only. But, Apple removes its support for old devices and thus you can’t use iMessage on very old iOS. Your mobile must be having at least iOS 5 otherwise you won’t be able to run iMessage on it. For Mac PCs your Mac must be running on OS X Mountain otherwise iMessage won’t be supported. If you are having an old operating system in your iPhone or Emulator then iMessage won’t work on it. Make sure you update your device before using iMessage.

PC minimum specification

As we have already mentioned, the emulator is a heavy app. Your computer must have a good amount of RAM and video card on your computer. You can check the required specification of the emulator you are using on their website.

If your computer doesn’t have required specification then you can try the second method. You can also look for a lighter emulator on Google.

Validity of the app

You should always download the emulator from official sources. Don’t download the emulator from an unofficial source as it can contain virus or malware. Make sure that the emulator you are downloading has a good reputation in the market. If you are not sure if the emulator is safe or not then try scanning it using your antivirus. If you are downloading from an official source then you don’t have to worry about virus or malware.

These were all the methods you can use to get iMessage on your PC. Both methods have their own merits and demerits. We have already told you everything you need to know about these methods. Feel free to use of the method as both are safe.

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