Sites Like Pandora for Listening to Music on the Go in 2023

by Harvey Wade

Many people might know Pandora from tales in Greek mythology. According to the myth, she was the first human woman. Her name meant 'receiver/giver of all gifts.

Why a Needs for Pandora Alternatives?

For safekeeping, she collects a box that contains all the evil in the world. Out of curiosity or because she loved opening gifts, she opens the box and fills the world with evil. Or something like that.

But in 2023, Pandora means something different. It refers to the leading music streaming and podcast discovery platform. This service is also called Pandora Radio or Pandora Media. It is one of the leading music recommendation platforms available. It gives room for users to create their own personalized listening experience.

Pandora lets you create 'stations' too. These stations are based on the songs, artist or genre that you like. Pandora then goes ahead to make certain informed recommendations based on your choices. But you alone get to decide the content that stays in your stations.

Granted, the Greek gods punished Pandora for her curiosity. But the new Pandora is all about rewarding people for their curiosity in music!

There are a lot of other plus points about Pandora. But we are not here to talk about that.

Pandora is known as the leading platform with over 77 million users. Yet, several other platforms perform the same functions.

Sites Like Pandora for Music Streaming in 2023

In this article, we will be outlining some of the best alternatives to Pandora on the internet today.

1. Spotify - Site Link


Among all the other alternatives, Spotify is the closest to Pandora in similarities. It was created in 2008 as a Swedish music streaming site. Now, Spotify caters to users across several countries. Some of these countries include France, Germany, US, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. Some parts of Africa and Asia, are also involved.

One of its best features is that it is compatible with different operating systems. It works perfectly with Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and many others.

The brand now has over 271 million active users with 127 million paying subscribers. Spotify has over 20 million available songs on its platform. They also provide music recommendation services. Just like Pandora, you can create 'stations' defined by a particular song, artist or genre that you like. The not-so-cool part is that you can only have a limited number of stations. Though, you can still go ahead to create playlists.

Like every great application, Spotify makes room to provide free service. But it also has a paid version. The paid version is called Spotify Premium. It removes all existing restrictions to fully optimizing your listening experience.

If you want a tutorial on how Spotify works, then take this Spotify course.

2. Google Play Music - Site Link

Google Play Music
Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a podcast and music streaming service operated by Google. It was launched in 2011 under the Google Play line of services.

As a user on this app, you have the opportunity to save up to 50,000 files for free!

Google Play Music offers excellent free service. But there are more amazing features in the Premium package. With about $10 monthly, you receive on-demand streaming of over 40 million songs. You also get the chance to make offline music playbacks. Also, no advertisements are interrupting your listening experience. That is not all. You also receive free access to YouTube Premium. This is a subscription-based streaming service. It gives advertisement-free streaming of all videos hosted by YouTube. With Google Play Music, you can create custom radio stations, like on Pandora.

This app has a feature that not even Pandora has. It lets you buy and download songs directly onto your computer. Amazing.

3. Amazon Music - Site Link

Amazon Music
Amazon Music

This is yet another music streaming platform and online music store. This one though is operated by Amazon. This platform provides one of the highest quality music services.

To enjoy the full benefits of Amazon Music, you need an Amazon Prime subscription. It costs only about $99.9/year. If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you gain access to over two million tracks without ads. It also offers free two-day delivery of Amazon items and also streaming of music and video.

You also have access to about 2,000 playlists and stations. Your music also comes with unlimited skips and offline playbacks. With this app, you get a playlist for literally anything. From cooking, relaxing, gaming, working out, to dinner parties.

You can customize your playlist featuring all your favourite songs. But you could also decide to have Amazon music experts create a playlist for you. It could be particular to a mood, occasion or activity.

That's not all. If you have an insatiable taste for music discovery, you can move up to the Amazon Music Unlimited package. This gives you unlimited access to millions of songs and playlists. You also get access to stations and even the newest releases. You even get to listen to exclusive songs and albums. After a 30-day free trial, Prime members pay only $7.99 with a $2 discount to sign up for an individual plan.

4. Rhapsody (Napster) - Site Link

Rhapsody (Napster)
Rhapsody (Napster)

This is one of the oldest online music stores on the internet. It has been online since 2001, almost as long as Pandora. Being seasoned in the world of online music streaming has made it continue to stand out.

It is also a subscription-based service. It allows users to download music without restrictions. Sponsored ads also do not interrupt their listening experience.

In 2014, T-Mobile went in partnership with Rhapsody. 'Rhapsody Unradio' is what they called their product. It is a service that offers free and discounted services to its customers. Its selling points are the unlimited skips, no ads and options for offline playbacks. This service boasts of a catalogue of over 20 million songs. it is also the second most popular music streaming service in the world.

Paul Springer, Rhapsody's Vice President told us the goal with Unradio. He said it is to 'bridge the gap between free and on-demand, but still come up with something people are willing to pay for.'

The platform also provides a software. The software is -Rhapsody Music Software. It helps in organizing and synchronizing your music collection. This feature puts it in competition with platforms like iTunes.

With over 1.7 million subscribers on its platform, Rhapsody comes very recommended.

5. Musicovery - Site Link


Music + Discovery = Musicovery. This platform allows you to discover music on your terms. Unlike the other services on this list, Muiscovery is an internet radio service. It is an interactive and customisable platform. The search on this service is not governed by artist or genres like other platforms. Instead, it is more focused on individual selections in its search.

This feature alone makes it possible for you to find more matches than the sites that focus more on the artist. With this method, you have a higher probability of discovering new artists.

You can also rank tracks and create your list of favourite tracks. As if that is not enough, you can also search for songs via date. You can even0 delete any genre that you do not like.

Although Musicovery does not outrank Pandora, it remains one of the strong contenders.

6. Deezer - Site Link


Deezer is yet another online music streaming service. It was launched in France in the year 2007. It has since then garnered close to 14 million monthly active users. It also has about 7 million paid subscribers. It also has over 56 million licensed tracks and 30,000 radio stations in its catalogue.

Deezer is a streaming service. It allows its users to listen to music content from record labels. Some of these labels are Universal Music Group, SONY Music and Warner Music Group.

With Deezer, you can stream all global hits.

There is a premium version of this service called Deezer Premium music player. This gives you full access to a music player without ads. You also get to download your favourite tracks and podcasts offline. With this premium package, you also get unlimited skips and no song shuffling. The sound quality in this package is also superior.

There's another feature available on this platform called the Deezer Flow. It helps you create the perfect music mix according to your tastes.

If you want to get more information about how to set up Deezer,  look it up on YouTube

7. GrooveShark - Site Link


GrooveShark used to be another credible alternative to Pandora. It is also a music streaming platform.

It had all the features of a standard music streaming platform. One of such features is its impressive catalogue of songs, playlists and stations. It also had a formidable user following.

Apart from these standard features, there is one feature that stands out. This feature is its music upload option. It gives allows the users to upload their musical creations at will. After uploading, these creations become accessible and available for streaming. Although it was a great initiative, it sparked off copyright battles. Hence, the company continued working on better ways to deliver this service. And also protect the user's intellectual property.

The company was later bombarded with strings of copyright infringement lawsuits. They came from record labels like Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Even Warner Music Group too. After so many battles, it closed down immediately.

There are so many music players on the internet but the ones mentioned in this list stand out. This is because of some of their peculiar features. Choosing a music player for your Android should no longer .be a hassle. You're welcome.

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