People Who Give Money Away Online in 2023

Free Money From Rich People Fast

by Harvey Wade

Free money ?. You might wonder what this article is all about. Who doesn't want free money ?. Nobody hates being given money that is earned for free. Even wealthy and rich individuals are still not satisfied with their wealth. Though we do have some rich individuals that are willing to give out free money. They probably get happiness from doing good to others. They give this money in for of donations and charities. Some even give out money as giveaway and to get more fans on their side.

Looking for People Who Do Giveaways With Money ?

A lot of the wealthy individuals in this world usually organize online giveaways and quizzes. They do so for various reasons. Probably to get the happiness they want, earn more fans or giving back to the community. There is a good chance, you will probably earn a huge chunk of money from the quizzes and giveaways. Most internet users usually believe rich individuals only donate money to charities. But that assumption has been proven wrong. Some of these rich folks give out money through giveaways for simplicity.

These giveaways are to help poor people in need of cash. Students, or low class workers that are in need of money. Not everyone have the courage to beg for money online. That's why they usually participate in giveaways to earn free cash. These giveaways are usually done by a foundation of people. They come together, pooling resources in form of money. These money are given to the poor and needy. Though for every good thinking, we have bad eggs. We do have scammers, who scam people for their money. They ask for your private information, which they could use maliciously. They also use this giveaways to scam poor people of their hard earned money.

Getting Money from Rich People Fast.

Before we discuss the topic. We will talk about validating a giveaway. Checking if a giveaway is legit or not. Then afterwards we discuss legit sites that you can find giveaways. Follow the steps listed below when registering for a giveaway. This helps in protecting you from data theft.

1. Creation of an Account

Before registering for any giveaway, the first thing to do is create your own personal account on the site. After creating your personal account, then you can participate in any giveaway on the site. During registration, "DO NOT PROVIDE PERSONAL DETAILS". Details like your Credit Card details. Any site that request for your card details is most likely a scam site. Registration for giveaway is usually free. You are not required to pay any money. If your gut feeling, thinks a site is a scam RUN!!!!. You could check out for reviews on the site to see how true it is.

2. Provision of Story

Some giveaways may request you to submit your story. They are being cautious of being scammed also. They want to give money to the needy only. Writing your story, keep it short and simple. Go straight to the point and don't add unnecessary words. Be as truthful and honest as you van be. Manipulating your story can reduce your chances of getting any reward. The word count of your story should be minimal. There are lots of stories that are reviewed.

3. Send Your Story

On completion of your truthful story, send it to the site's administrator. They have moderators, that review the story first. If they find your story interesting, they can publish it on their site. Then, you get rewarded with for your problems.

4. Getting the Money

If your story gets selected, that means you win. They usually pay the money directly into your account. Or they send the money directly into your PayPal account. But for those that don't have a PayPal account. You ate advised to open one before you sign up for this program. Though, sending money directly to your bank account is dependent on your location. If you are required to have a PayPal account. You can sell the PayPal funds for cash.

We do have plentiful of giveaways available online. Most of these giveaways are usually story based giveaways. Giveaways that require you to provide an honest story to win. While others may require you solving riddles or quizzes to get the reward money. The winner of these type of giveaways is usually decided by the administrator. Other giveaways randomly select users to give out money to. As long they are registered with the site. By the way. there is no crime in participating in giveaways. Its completely legal to join one and you won't be arrested for doing so.

One reason most people don't like organising giveaway. its because users cheat the system by providing fake stories or googling the answers to riddles. Reason you should be an upright and honest person on all sites. Though we have individuals who are having serious doubts about the legitimacy of giveaways. But below we have provided the legit sites to try out.

Sites to Get Free Money from Rich People Fast 2023

With the listed sites below, you can find legit giveaways. These sites are usually offering giveaways that actually pays. The good thing is, you can't find the anonymous owner of the giveaway on these sites. This is because they are selfless and host this giveaways through their foundation websites. These sites includes

1. Fundly


Fundly allows individuals to do giveaways according to where they stay. It sorts people based on their location. Its quite easy to register on their site. You can login with your Facebook account. Its an avenue that creates a platform to connect to individuals who donated to your project. They also allow partial funding with full payments being processed within 24-48hrs.


· Its best for anyone who wishes to register.

· Partial Funding can be processed into payments.

· Cost free registration and creation of campaign.


· They take 4.9% fee from each donation.

· They take 3% for processing payments.

2. Kickstarter


This is a famous site, est. in 2009. Its geared more to product and business idea individuals. Its not been associated with any known millionaire but you have wealth individuals ready to fund your ideas.


· Its best for individuals who have a business idea, product or invention.


· There is no partial funding

· 5% cut on your total funds raised. 5% processing payments and 20% per pledge.

3. Crowdfunder


Its a raving platform. Its one of the best platform for small business owners. Your chances of finding an investor on this site is pretty high. Crowdfunder not only raise money for you. It also connects you to prospective investors. This investors are ready to invest fully in your business. If yih make a good business plan and the plan is going to yield them a whole lot.


· Its best for Small businesses that need capital.

· You need a term sheet and pitch deck with a good business plan.


· It's subscription-based. That is ypu are required to pay $299 a month to start.

4. Begslist


This site is quite easy to use. You can easily directly ask for money from rich people. Fro. the site name, you can tell it's literally a begging site. You simply write and send your story (honest and truthful) to the site. Your story will be read by wealthy individuals on the site and if they like it. You will definitely be helped.


· Easy to use.

· You literally beg for money.


· none.

5. Gofundme


GoFundMe is a site usually used to raise funds for a particular cause. Millionaires aren't usually on this platform but you will definitely get help from other individuals. Its perfect for those having serious problems in their life. Be it health, education or one thing that needs critical attention to. You will raise a lot of money, because we have sympathetic individuals on this site.


· No deadline attached to raising money.

· You can keep receiving funds even after you've reached your goal.

· Mobile friendly.

· Share on your social media.


· They will cut a 2.9% fees out of all the total funds received.

Millionaires Who Give Away Money Online.

Below, you will find the list of millionaires or probably billionaires that give back to the society.

Bill Gates

1. Founder of Microsoft

2. Top 3 richest man in the world.

3. Founders of Bill & Mandela Gates Foundation.

Warren Edward Buffett

1. Greatest investor of all time.

2. Top 10 richest man in the world.

3. CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway.

4. Foundations include Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation, Howard G Buffet Foundation, NoVo Foundation. All these foundations are foundations started by the Buffett family.

Chuck Feeney

1. Founder of one of the largest private institutions world called "The Atlantic Philanthropies".

2. He is the co-founder of the Duty-Free Shoppers Group.

3. A prominent member of The Giving Pledge Foundation.

Lee and Jane Seidman

1. Lee together with his wife, Jane Seidman are one of the richest couples in the world currently.

2. Lee Seidman is the founder of "Motorcars Groups".

3. One of their philanthropic ways include. Building a University Hospital Center that specialized in Cancer treatment by donating $42 million.

Timothy Cook

1. He is the CEO of Apple Inc.

2. A board member of Nike.

3. He has donated $2.5 million to the Red Cross Organisation to help with the treatment of the Sandy Hurricane Victims. One of his generous acts.

4. He is a signatory to "The Giving Pledge Foundation" founded by Bill and Mandela Gates.

In conclusion, with these listed sites and billionaires. You should get free money online. Note, try and follow these billionaires on their social media page. And read the RULES for each site to know more about their terms and conditions. I know you definitely enjoyed the read.

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