Top 15 Apps Like Tinder for Android and iOS in 2023

by Harvey Wade

Single!?, Searching!?, And worried about getting a date or partner? Then worry no more because now you can get a date or partner online with just your Android or iOS phones!

Why Looking for Apps Like Tinder in 2023?

As online dating becomes popular day by day, various dating apps have evolved. A popular dating App, Tinder, launched in 2012 is known for its large number of members, several relationships and marriages achievements. Many other amazing apps have also been developed to meet your dating demands. So, here is a list and rundown of 15 Apps like Tinder for your Android and iOS phones.

List of Best Apps Like Tinder for Android and Ios in 2023

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel
Coffee Meets Bagel

This dating service eliminates the guessing system in Tinder. Coffee Meets Bagel is an app designed to create a friendly and efficient online dating approach and minimizes your time spent on the App.

With its #LadiesChoice technique, it picks about 21 female matches called Begels for each male members every day at noon based on each individual's criteria and with the help of its Intelligent algorithm. They are given the option to either LIKE or PASS within 24 hours.

The ladies only get to receive information about the men who liked them. The app will then curate the match that best fit her criteria among the men that showed interest in her. Then, they are allowed to chat on the app for a week after which later communication requires a pay to upgrade.

2. Bumble

Bumble isanother dating site which works exactly like Tinder. The app was built by acofounder of Tinder. It also uses the swipe technique which requires two people to swipe right on the app to get connected. It requires a link to each member's Facebook account. The main difference between Tinder and Bumble is that Bumble gives female the sole right to start a conversation within 24 hours of being matched though it gives both parties the avenue of extending prospective matches for 24 hours. This system helps save women from various unsolicited messages that may arise from any match. If the connection involves people of the same gender then any of the match.

3. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish hasa lot of qualities to its credit. These include:

• It is one of the oldest dating app. It was launched in 2003.

• It has the largest member size than every other dating site.

• Every activity on the app is free.

• Has a pretty lengthy sign up process. It requires taking a test of your likes, dislikes, requirements from any matched partners, and a lot of information about you than most other dating apps ask for.

• The app is available in only some selected countries like Canada, United Kingdom, United States.

4. Elitesingles


EliteSingles isone of the dating apps that help solve that problem. It characterizes itself as adating app for professionals. Over 81% of its users have a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree. It is one of the fastest growing and most reputable apps. It is well known for its high rate of successful love relationships. Every month about 2500 single members find love. Its intelligent algorithm works to match relevant partners based on their criteria. It operates in over 25 countries worldwide.

5. the League

The league considersitself as the best dating app for ambitious and well-educated crowd.Joining it requires effort. You set up your profile and allow the app have access to your Facebook and linked-in accounts. The app then tests your eligibility and approves or rejects you. It takes a lot of time to become an authorised member. It has free members, as well as paid members. When you match another participant, you have 21 days to contact one another. If you fail to do so, the app considers you to be "unreliable," and may send you fewer prospects in the future.

6. Happn

Happn isa dating app that works with location. It uses the GPS functionalityof your phoneto access your location. It matches members based on the last place and time they have been near one another. Installation and use are very quick and easy. If you happen to be within about 800 feet to a member then you will be matched and will see their profile. People can only get a connection with you If you press the Heart on their profile. Happn never reveals your location in actual-time to other users.

7. Raya

Raya isa special dating app tailored for people in the entertainment world. The submissionis incomplete without a referral by an existing member. The procedure is very time consuming and includes a monthly membership fee. It is more of networking than dating. Though you'll need to create different profiles for dating and networking. The app is simple and well-constructed. You can either review closely selected dating opportunities or access the social mode once your profile is active. This feature shows numerous hotspots where other members hang out. Members of Raya seem to have more regard for others.

8. Match

hasbeen in existence before the existence of apps. Signing up is easy. This includesconnecting with your Facebook. Its sign-up process also involves some questioning. Subscription fee is charged for some features. It incorporates winks for its match iteration, and you can look up for "winkable" people through the Match database. The service will also provide you with matches taken into consideration your interests. There is also a customized dating "coach", which sends suggestions of people that suit your wishes.

9. Eharmony

EHarmony hasthe distinction of calling itself the most trusted dating app. Signing up is freeand easy. You can either choose to sign up with Facebook to speed up the process or fill the form. Its compatibility questionnaire is free and your answers will be sent to its

From there, you'll be match up with different potential dates. EHarmony sends only a few matches at a time, so you can search the matches at your own pleasure. You'll need an eHarmony subscription to get the most out of it.

10. Okcupid


This is one of the biggest and experienced dating apps your OkCupid journey starts by completing a very long profile that you can link to your Instagram account by signing up. You can answer questions, and give answer based on yourself and your criteria. The interface is cumbersome, and the pictures are somehow small.

11. Hinge

Hinge alsocalled Anti-Tinder is more based on quality rather than quantity. Though it doeshave an interface similar to Tinder. The application relies more on your shared interests to link you up It shows you all the interests that you have in common with a prospective match. It does this by making you answer a bunch of questions through an interface similar to Tinder. Most of its participants want relationships that are not hookups, and the app is also known as "the relationship app."

12. Tastebuds

Tastebuds isan app for music lovers to date and pair up. It includes signing up and addingyour preferred music. The app then matches you with the same tuned users who are not far from your location. It gives an avenue to change your profile and chosen music. It's a fun way of connecting with people on something (music) you have passion for. Then, this app is not for dating only. It Is also useful to find new friends with similar musical tastes, concert buddies and even partners and new band members.

13. Grindr

Grindr isthe biggest platform on LGBTQ. Itis easy to sign up. You can either sign up eitherby filling out the form or via your Facebook account. You will then be required to set a profile consisting of profile image, display name and interest. It has an avenue for reporting or blocking any user should something go wrong. The app is free but it does have restrictions. To enjoy the best experience, you will need to pay for the unlimited service.

14. Down

Down isone of the best App for Dating. Initially it was known as Bang With Friends. Itmostly targets getting people hooked up. This app requires that you sign in via your Facebook account. It works best for a hook system called " get down ." The app is totally free, and has a lot of members.

15. Skout

Skout hassome of its basic features that mimic Tinder as it allows you to like or dislikepeople. It also uses the swiping system used in Tinder. It also has a free and unlimited / premium model. You've also got to choose whether or not to allow the app to access your location. It works well for friendship and casual dating, as well as serious relationships. If you allow the app access to your location, it can also connect you with people close to your location. It's quite a cool platform to use. When two people like each other, they are matched by the app and they can then start to chat. A major difference between Skout and Tinder is that Skout aims at value-filled relationships rather than just dates. A new feature, Live Broadcasting, wasrecently incorporated into the app. This allows you to broadcastlive, or join a live stream hosted on the app by another user.

Conclusion of Tinder Alterantives in 2023

Though single life is interesting and cool but finding your love match and falling in love feels special and great! With these amazing app, you can trust to get yourself your dream date or partner. Sign up and feel the MAGIC!

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