Best Online Music Learning Games for Children in 2023

by Harvey Wade

We know music to have a lot of positive effects on the cognitive and creative abilities of children. It is said to enhance their creativity and teach them how to be more self-dependent.

Why Music-Learning Games for Children ?

It also has significant behavioural effects on children. This because it affects the way they respond to life's issues. It also encourages coordination, improves self-expression and stimulates responses. The list is endless.

It might seem quite basic but music is a powerful force and it can transform or deform.

If you have a desire for your children to learn music but you are not sufficiently equipped to perform this task, then there is help for you. There are many platforms on the internet today that makes it possible for children to learn music at their own pace.

If you are also a music teacher and you are looking for fun and interactive ways to ensure your pupils learn music, then you are also in the right place.

Best Online Music Learning Games for Children

In this article, we would be outlining some of the best musical sites, there, you would find awesome music-learning games for your children. These programs have been designed to be both educational and entertaining to sustain the interest of the children. So, you need not fear. You are on the right track.

1. PBS Kids

PBS Kids
PBS Kids

PBS is short for Public Broadcasting Service in the United States. PBS Kids is the brand for the children programs on the network. This network has a website and this website has over 50 games related to music that will surely help a child learn it.

This website is not limited to one particular musical focus. Instead, it covers a wide variety of aspects of music education.

In these games, they learn how to play different instruments and learn composition. They could also learn aural training in some of these games.

One of the games available on PBS Kids that focuses on music is Sid, the Science Kid. Others are Martha Speaks, Sesame Street's Monster Music, Mixie's Boogie Buffet, Arthur's Crank It Up, Pinka-Perfect Band, Spin and Sing, and others.

The awesome part is that these games are age-specific. Therefore, there are games for ages 3-8.

2. Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media

This organization is a non-profit organization. It focuses on ensuring that families get the correct data on safe technology and media recommendations. If you need advice on what to read, watch or play, then this website is the place to go. They offer age-based reviews and expert recommendations on the media needs of a family, especially for the kids.

As part of their expert recommendations service, they have also made a list of awesome games that help children learn music. The website provides a wide range of options to pick from during your selection.

From sing-along music games to piano practice and music-based quizzes, this website has it al. if you don't know which music game would be perfect for your toddler, then this is the right place to go. The search engine is configured to sort these games based on age and user's rating.

Therefore, in searching, you get the best age-appropriate music game for your child. Isn't that great?

There are several standard games available for download on this website. Some examples are Baby's Musical Hands, Animal Band, Music Sparkles, ABC Music, Bandimal, Melody Jams, Boogie Bopper and many other amazing games.

In the product description of the games, you'll find out which devices they are compatible with. You'll also see the age range and number of required participants for each game. It takes away all the hassle.

3. Teoria


This is a website designed for beginners and music teachers. Although most music games focus on toddlers, this one is more formal. This is because the website is focused on teaching music theories.

Its major features are music theory articles, tutorials, research, interactive exercises, and references. It even has its music and exercises for training the ears.

The training is said to be very effective for music teachers, sound engineers and so on. The infamous jazz ear tests teach the users how to identify tricky extended chords.

Learning is more structured and organised here. Younger children who want to learn can also take advantage of the platform. This is because learning is visual and also has a lot of sound components. So, it's perfect.

4. Tonic Tutor

Tonic Tutor
Tonic Tutor

This is another music website that has proven to be an effective tool for music teaching. If you are a music teacher or you're a parent with lots of kids, you can set up an account on the website. You could also use the account track your children/ward's success.

This website has 40 simple online games. With these games, you can teach your child the rudiments of music effectively.

With these games, you can also focus on different aspects of music learning. You could decide to teach your kids how to read music and play chords. You could also teach them how to recognize notes, compose melodies and so much more.

On Tonic Tutor, you can also assign weekly lessons that students can do at home. You can reward progress to encourage the children to improve in their lessons. It is also fully, you can change the settings and tailor your lessons for specific students and groups.

It's the perfect virtual assistant to a music teacher.

5. Sphinx Kids

Sphinx Kids
Sphinx Kids

In Greek tradition, the Sphinx is a creature crafted from myths. It is said to have the head of a human being and a lion's body. It is located in Giza, Egypt and has the Great Pyramid in the background.

The brand, Sphinx Kids, is a part of a life-changing program. This program is called the Sphinx Organization's Classical Connections Program. They are in partnership with the New York Philharmonic. They aim to take classical music to schools that are underserved.

The website has engaging videos and games for children. It has a lot of games and these games are tailored to teach the user some basic elements of music.

There are ten different games on the website. The goal of each game is to teach a key element of classical music. Among them is the Minority Composer Forum. Here, you learn about famous minor composers and listen to some of their music. There is also the String Instrument Gallery where you learn about the different parts and uses of the string instruments.

The rest are;

  • Composers Gallery: You learn about famous composers.
  • Practice Room: In the practice room. You watch videos of minority string players practising.
  • Minorities on Stage: Here, you watch videos of Sphinx Alumni perform on stage.
  • Orchestration Station: You get to choose the instruments you want and you listen to them play.
  • Instrument Storage Room: Here, you learn about the different instruments in the orchestra.
  • Music Match Instruments: This is where you match instruments to each other.
  • Music Match Composers: This is where you match the composer to each other.
  • Rhythm Band: With this game, you can create your rhythm.

The major strength of this site is its ability to teach classical music to children in an easy-to-understand manner.

6. And Next Comes L

AndNext Comes L
And Next Comes L

This website does not go about teaching kids' music the conventional way. They do not have online games available on their website. Instead, they have organised ideas for fun musical activities you can play with the children. If you are a music teacher, then this is the perfect platform for you. Many of the games are very simple. They are also very engaging. So, it's easy to maintain the interest of the young kids.

There are 50 music activities on the website. These games are not just for fun. They are targeted at developing an aspect in the musical ability of the learner. Some games are targeted at teaching children music theories. Some are focused on developing the sensory skills of the learners. There are also musical crafts designed to combine learning and fun.

The great thing about the concept is that there are activities designed for every age group. From babies to toddlers and then, pre-schoolers up. There is an activity for each one.

Also, the site provides information about hyperlexia, autism, anxiety, hyper-numeracy, ADHD, and SPD conditions. It makes available research materials, tips and learning resources to parents. This helps them get a better grasp of how to handle their child's situation in the best way.

It is really an awesome site!

7. MusicLearningCommunity


This is yet another site that focuses on a more formal method of teaching music. While it's formal, it also strives to be fun and relatable in its teaching methods. The website has lessons, games and quizzes for any level of musical experience. That means that those studying music at the beginner's level can use its tools.

Those studying at the intermediate or expert level are not exempted either.

The beauty of the website is in how easy it is to find the perfect package for your child. All you need to do is select a particular task you would like to grow in. After that, you must also go ahead to choose the difficulty. This means your kids can start with simple tasks first and then over time, advance to more complex ones.

There is a wide range of topics available for learning on the site. Some of them are chords, harmony, keyboard elements, music terms and symbols. They also have available lessons in aural and visual pitch, melody and rhythm.

There are thousands of musical games and activities available on the internet for children. Making the best choice might prove to be extremely difficult. With the list above, we have narrowed down the search. So, go on these websites. Check out their awesome packages and thank us later.

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