Best Android Video Player Apps in 2023

by Harvey Wade

A few decades ago, high-quality movies and TV shows are mostly shown in the cinema. This is because most devices lack the required features to play these videos.

Why Looking for Best Video Player Apps for Android ?

In most cases, videos are converted to a lower format to view them on mobile devices. This lower format often reduces the quality of the videos. We all know that low-quality videos can bore you or make you lose interest in your favorite show.

But the advancement in app development and smartphone hardware has made things easy. Smartphones can now decode virtually all formats of video files. This means you can play any movie or TV shows of your choice on your smartphone.

Most Android devices have pre-installed video players. In most cases, these pre-installed players do not provide the best experience we crave. If you face this challenge, don't panic because I've brought you good news.

Several video players provide a better viewing experience and improved decoder features. These third-party apps are most times found on the Android Store. You might ask questions like; how would I know which app to use? Which apps would I choose from? Don't panic. We've considered all your questions.

List of Best Android Video Player Apps in 2023

We've reviewed a couple of apps to play video files on Android devices and came up with the best for you.Without much ado, let's delve into the list.

MX Player - App Link

MX Player
MX Player

MX Player sits at the very top among the best Android players. It has a clean and easy to use interface. This means you can use this app without any prior knowledge. With MX Player, you can play video files of any format. MX Player provides loads of features that make your video experience seamless.

MX Player allows you to add subtitles to your videos. It also automatically displays subtitles for videos that have embedded subtitles. You can easily scroll forward and backward while viewing your videos. This can be done with the stroke of the finger forward or backward. You can also resize your videos using the zoom-in and zoom-out feature. This feature can be carried out through the use of gestures.

One of the most outstanding features offered by MX Player is the availability of several decoders for decrypting your video files. There is also the screen lock feature. This feature only displays your video and does not allow you to make changes to your video. You can also resume your videos from where you stopped. The only con we discovered about MX Player is the presence of Ads. Aside from that, MX Player is a great app for viewing videos.

VLC Player - App Link

VLC Player
VLC Player

VLC is one of the best Android players. It is available on different platforms and Operating System. VLC can play almost any kind of media files. It can be used to play audio files and video files respectively. VLC has a wide range of support for media files of any format and also network streaming.

VLC organizes your media files in an orderly manner. This makes it easy to navigate through the app. One of the outstanding features of VLC is its unique user interface. Its interface is smooth and provides a seamless experience. You can easily tweak the VLC player as you want. VLC has some special feature that allows you to use gesture to increase and decrease the volumes and also vary the screen brightness. It has an online streaming feature. This means you can make use of VLC to view videos online.

Speaking of Ad, VLC player is not accustomed to Ads and also free to download. There is also an Equalizer feature that allows you to add some effect to the audio output of your favorite movie or TV show.

FIPE Player - App Link

FIPE Player
FIPE Player

Are you new to Android? If yes, then you must be new to FIPE Player also. FIPE player is an Android player that is capable of viewing videos in HD, 4K and other formats. Its interface is simple and easy to use. FIPE Player also offers the feature of viewing videos and caring out other tasks at the same time. This means the video would now be displayed on a floating window on your phone screen. While o the floating window, you can adjust the screen size and also play around with the progress of your video.

Another interesting feature about FIPE Player is the ability to decode audio files. This means that audio files like music and recordings can be played via FIPE Player. There is also the support for External Codec Pack. This feature can be enabled in the settings area of the app. FIPE Player supports Chromecast, subtitles, hardware acceleration, and lots more. FIPE player is free, easy to download, and also easy to use.

BS player - App Link

BS player
BS player

BS Player is another video player for Android that brings you top-notch video experience. It is packed with lots of features and capabilities. BS Player offers hardware acceleration in video playback. This hardware acceleration increases the speed of the video and at the same time maintain the battery life of your device. Interestingly, BS Player has the capability of creating a playlist that contains your favorite movies and songs. You can also enjoy subtitles and multiple video decoders for your various video formats.

In using BS Player, you can modify the display of your video playback screen. This means that you get to view your videos in suitable color backgrounds. Multitasking is also another great feature to talk about. BS Player allows you to view your videos and also perform other tasks simultaneously. It does this by displaying the video in a little pop-up window on your phone's screen. Isn't that fascinating? Yes, I know.

BS Player is free to use with a clean user interface. You can also change the look of the app display by applying the theme of your choice.

KM Player - App Link

KM Player
KM Player

KM Player is renowned among the best Android players. It has a wide range of codecs and file formats. KM Player's interface is something to reckon with when it comes to accessing your video files. It has a special viewer that automatically detects media files present on a device. Another interesting part of using KM Player is cloud storage support. KM Player allows you to view your backed-up videos on Google drive.

KM Player has the capability of playing high definition videos alongside playback speed controls. With KM Player, you can add subtitle files to your videos, make a gesture control in volume variation. It is available in various languages. This means you can opt for the language you understand best.

Another intriguing feature available on KM Player is the addition of a new function known as ''KMP Connect''. KMP Connect allows you to view videos on your computer from your smartphone. KM player is free and highly recommended.

AC3 Player - App Link

AC3 Player
AC3 Player

AC3 Player is one of the best video players available for Android. As the name goes, AC3 Player is a video player designed for the AC3 media format. This means that files with AC3 format are detected automatically without requiring additional plugins. AC3 Player also has wide support for various video file formats. AC3 Player brings you a seamless video experience with the touch of simplicity.

AC3 Player has a clean and user-friendly interface that gives a novice easy navigation while selecting a video file. It is quite easy to control the brightness, volume, and subtitle of your favorite movie or TV show. AC3 Player has the capability of streaming videos online. This means that you can watch your favorite TV show via AC3 Player. You can choose to play your videos in the background. The audio output of your videos can be modified with the help of an Equalizer feature present on the AC3 Player.

AC3 Player is free of Ads and does not cost a penny.

MoboPlayer - App Link


MoboPlayer is one of the oldest and most popular video players. It supports all media formats and also displays video in high definition. MoboPlayer offers various hardware acceleration features like soft decoding and hard decoding. You can switch between both in most cases.

MoboPlayer provides you with an option to add subtitles to your videos. It also allows you to create a playlist of your favorite movies and TV shows. With MoboPlayer, you can stream videos online through different protocols. This gives you the feeling of a Web player. Media files displayed on MoboPlayer appear in categories that range from new to already viewed video. This makes navigation on the app easy and stress-free.

MoboPlayer releases an updated version regularly. This gives you the best video experience. You can also increase the functionality of MoboPlayer via the addition of plugins. This means that you can perform other functions with MoboPlayer. MoboPlayer is not accustomed to Ads and brings you the peak of video experience. It is free and can be downloaded easily from the Android Store.

Conclusion of Best Android Video Player Apps 2023

As I said earlier that most pre-installed video players do not give you the best video experience you require. Also, most pre-installed video players lack some requirements for certain video formats. This means that you might be restricted in viewing some of your favorite movies and TV shows. Interestingly, the video players listed above have dealt a great deal with any challenge you may face in viewing your desired video. All that's required is to download one of these video players.

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