Best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android

by Harvey Wade

Bible apps on Android devices has just made it easier for Christians all over the world to study the bible, have sermons from their phones, highlight texts and chapters and do so many other things. The importance and increasing use of bible apps have improved the development and usage of bible apps.

Features of Android Bible Study Apps

New Bible apps are released yearly and bible readers are always trying different bible apps. Some of the apps are worth your time while some still need upgrades and are not so good. Bible apps have however become a thing almost everyone has on their phones, some are free while some are not, they all have different features and payment plans, we will direct you on the best app to use. The characteristics and payment plans are shown in this article

Some characteristics of bible apps are

· Some are free while some are not

· Presence of in-app purchase

· Access to various bible versions and languages

· Videos and images of bible chapters or verses are present in a few bible apps

· A few of the bible apps allow access to audiobooks and audio reading

· Split-screen features are present on some bible app

· Highlights, bookmarks, notes, commentaries, folders, and favorites are present on bible apps

· Personal bible study, devotions or reading plans are present in a few bible apps

· A Share what you learn feature is present

List of Best Bible Apps for Android

To know the best bible apps to use on Android devices, read through this article

1. YouVersion - App Link


This bible app is one of the most used and recognized bible apps among Android users. The app is highly recommended and it has a lot of features most bible apps don't have. The app has over 1000 languages, this feature allows the app to be used worldwide and there are no country restrictions on the app, close to 2000 different versions of the bible are present on the app versions such as Kings James Version .KJV), New International Version.NIV). Bible verses or chapters are shared through emails, social media, and text. Highlights, notes, and bookmarks are made on the bible app, reading plans are made on the app and to crown it all it is free. Some exceptional features of YouVersion are

· The audio version of the bible is present on the app

· The user interface is easy, detailed and properly categorized

· Users can find church or bible events taking place around them

· Videos or images of a highlighted text can be made

· Videos of sermons are present

· Offline and online version present

· To download the YouVersion app for Android phones, click here

2. Olive tree - App Link

Olive tree

Olive tree upped the game with their new streaming and download features. Olive tree was created a few years ago and in 2018, they decided to put their users first by adding new and enhanced features for their users. Some of the features are general features that all bible apps have while some are new and enhanced features. Some new and enhanced features are the presence of a split-screen feature, presence of a driving mode, users can read commentaries, the app can be used while studying, presence of audio bible and Christian books, users can make folders of their favorites audios or bible verses or chapters in the bible. Some other features of the app are

· Highlights, bookmarks, and notes are present

· Display of verses or chapter while using the audio so you can see the verses and listen to the audio version at the same time

· Website is properly navigated

· The user interface is friendly and it is welcoming for new and old users

· Speed controls, reading plans, bible study tools are present

· To download the olive tree app, click here

3. My sword - App Link

My sword

This is a free bible app for Android phones, it is used often by android users, some of its features which make it recognized and recommended are; there are various bible versions present on the app, online and offline versions are both available. Commentaries, notes, highlights, bookmarks, bible version comparisons are all present. Users can change the theme of the user interface to their preference, devotional, maps, graphics, verse list and text are all present on the website, pictures of bible verse are also present, and users can make personal notes on a verse or bible chapter. The donations made by people and users are what is used to sustain this app and this is what makes the app unique. If you ever get a chance to visit this website or download the app, you can always make a voluntary donation to this website, the donation will go a long way and it will help the website. Some other features that come for free while using this website are

· The user interface is friendly and it is welcoming for new and old users

· The website builds relationships between the users

· Presence of Bible Text - to - Speech support

· This app only supports Android devices

· Readjustable text size, a different color theme present

· Presence of full-screen mode support

· Presence of Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

· To download this app on your Android phone, click here

4. Bible app for kids - App Link

Bibleapp for kids
Bible app for kids

This is a free bible app that was created mainly for kids, the bible app has different bible stories in audio form and text form. The audio and text forms are simple, easy and it allows children to easily understand the bible. The app is easy to use and children all over the world engage with this app, the app is interactive and well structured for kids, It is also used to listen and read the bible in different versions for the kids. There are animated videos and pictures present on the app for easy understanding, there are bible challenges present for the kids to task themselves and understand the bible better. This app was created by YouVersion and it is by far one of the best apps for kids, the app has increased bible knowledge and interest in kids. Some other features of the app are

· The user interface is colorful, friendly and easy

· Fun trivia quizzes, games and interactive contents are present for the kids

· Reward and challenges present for the kids

· To download the app for your Android device, click here

5. Daily Bible verse - App Link

DailyBible verse
Daily Bible verse

This app is used generally for daily verses, there are different bible versions present on the app from new king James version to kings James version to New International versions and so on. You can save your favorite verses on the app, you can also set a time for when you want to receive the verse daily, bible verses can be shared through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The app is free to everyone and can be used anywhere. To download the app on an Android device, click here

6. Tecarta Bible - App Link

Tecarta Bible
Tecarta Bible

This bible app gives the Kings James Version of the bible for free, while some other advanced features and versions require a payment plan. It has an in-app purchase for different bible versions and features. Highlight, notes, bible study, and bookmarks are all present on the app. Users can add commentaries on their bibles and devotionals, and notes can also be copied and pasted. Some other features are

· Favorite verses or bible chapters are added as favorites and are shared through emails and social media

· The homepage is properly categorized and easy to navigate

· Online and offline present

· Study mode and parallel mode present

· Readjustable text size and speed present

· Presence of full-screen mode support

· To download this app, click here

7. CadreBible - App Link

This app allows easy and free access to King James Bible and Matthew Henry's Bible. However, some other bible versions, features, and benefits require a payment plan. This app is best suited for Android devices as it was made solely for Android devices. Other versions of the bible such as NIV requires an in-app purchase. Users compare different bible versions on the app, commentaries, highlights, bookmarks, text, and notes are present on the website. Users can sync their notes with Evernote, there are reading plans present on the app, users favorite their best verses and chapters on the app, bible dictionaries are present and bible study is also present. Some other features are

· Readjustable text size, themes, color present

· The homepage is properly categorized and easy to navigate

· Online and offline present

· Favorite verses or bible chapters are added as favorites and are shared through emails and social media

· Users can create personal reading plans on the app

· Click here to download the CadreBible app for free

8. Faithlife Study Bible - App Link

Faithlife Study Bible
Faithlife Study Bible

FaithLife Study Bible helps Christians all over the word with the amazing features present on the app, features like the presence of bible study, texts, highlights and graphics, these features help Christians understand the bible better and it build communities of Christians all over the world through the app. It has dictionaries which help to give meaning to different biblical words in the bible, commentaries are present, users are allowed to make notes on the app for better understanding and interpretation of a particular verse or chapter. It allows users to personalize their bible study and videos, infographics and images relating to the bible are all present. Some other features of this app are

· Some features and bible versions on this app require payment

· The app has various bible versions

· It provides reading plans

· The app teaches users how to better understand a bible chapter or text using articles and view from different bible scholars

· A Share what you learn feature is present

· To download the Faithlife Bible study app, click here

These are a few of the best Bible apps and Christians all over the world should try them.The bible apps are, helpful, they are easy to use, affordable and they help understand the bible better and create communities for Christians.

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