Top Best Email Apps for Android 2023

by Harvey Wade

The email has come a long way into our lives. It has rapidly replaced the slow, physical mail. And now, we have several apps providing swift communication for us!!

Unfortunately, not all email providers give the best service. Even the big ones who have been around for a while flop sometimes. It happens. That is why this list not only comprises of the best email apps. It also comprises of the best alternatives for when your favorite app is not working properly. You will never be in a tough spot again when one is down.

List of Best Email Apps for Android 2023

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get right unto it. Best and Most Important Email Apps for Your Android:

1. Blue Mail

Blue Mail
Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a popular email integration app. It integrates several email service providers. This includes your favorites such as Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, among several others. It supports IMAP, POP3 + Exchange auto configuration as well . The app syncs all your inboxes from different accounts. When you receive an email through any one of them, there would be a notification. The notification sound is customizable for each account.

You can quickly find your way around the app to find more features. Its clear, intuitive design makes it very UI friendly. The dark theme option is very good for the eyes too. The app syncs with your calendar too. It will remind you of upcoming events, meetings and plans you shouldn't miss. You can also use the app to schedule ahead of time.

Other cool, amazing features of this app includes a customizable theme, configurable menu and Android Wear Support. Your messages are encrypted too. So you don't have to worry about your privacy. Since the app is for Android users, it works on Mobile devices, as well as tablets. You can also answer messages through your smart watch. Which is pretty cool. It is also completely free.

Features of Blue Mail:

· Integrates all email accounts into one

· Helps you stay organize

· Very Customizable

2. K 9 Mail

Top Best Email Apps for Android 2023: K
Top Best Email Apps for Android 2023: K

K-9 Mail is another email integrating app. You can sync all your account to it. It also supports a lot of IMAP , POP3, and Exchange 2003/2007 accounts. Emails will appear by the accounts they are from.

The app has a minimalistic design to it. It is not as elaborate as its brothers and sisters. But it gets the job quite well done. It is also reliable. There are a lot of good reviews on the site. It is very lightweight. It does not take up a lot of space on your laptop, phone or tablet. The app is open source, a community based project. You can also contribute to it through the GitHub. If you are a designer, developer, bug traiger or not, but you want to help , simply visit them here. You will find their bug tracker, mailing list, source code and wiki over there. They take your privacy seriously, so every message is encrypted .

Because it is an open source, there might be a bug problem sometimes. But no need to worry. You can report the problem. They will give you a bug tracker to quickly find and fix the issue.

There isn't much to the interface. As earlier stated, it is not elaborate at all. But it does get the work done. Use it to write as many emails as you like. Sync all your accounts to it, and it would be good. You can also forward all your messages as an attachment. You can search for old emails without having to download them. And as an open source app, set up is very easy!! All you need is your email address and you are good to go. Plus you can learn a lot of things on the app. It is completely free!! You can find out more on the app through this YouTube link:

3. Nine - Email & Calendar


Nine is and even better email app. Like the previously mentioned ones, it integrates all your email accounts into one app. This includes Hotmail ,, Gmail & Gsuite , iCloud and Yahoo. All emails sent are encrypted . There are no servers nor Cloud features. So none of your messages or files shared are kept on any data base . Your data will only be stored on your device. It does this by directly synchronizing with the Microsoft Exchange Server, using the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync .

The app was made for entrepreneurs and business people. So its features were best made for managing their businesses in a highly organised form. It syncs your email, contacts, Calendar, tasks , notes, as well as any other you may need. You won't miss out on tasks or any reminders.

Its well organized calendar syncs with your email to keep you up to date with meetings. You can also use it to schedule appointments, or as a reminder for upcoming tasks. The tasks you write in your notes also sync with your calendar. No need to constantly remind yourself. The calendar does that for you.

Its beautiful interface has a dark theme to save your eyes at night. And in case you don't feel like being very formal, make use of its chat feature. It will help with better communication.

You can try the app for free for a 14-day period. If you like it you can then purchase the app. It is .9.99-$14.99 per month, depending on the subscription level. It is worth the money, so you will be alright .

Features of Nine:

· It is great for Entrepreneurs, Business People

· It is highly organisable

· It is affordable

4. Newton Mail - Email App for Gmail, Outlook, IMAP

Newton Mail
Newton Mail

Newton Mail is one of the best email apps on this list. It's clean, useful UI helps to keep you organised . It supports Google, Office 375, Exchange, IMAP and other email providers. One unique feature about this app is showing you when your emails have been read . It has the double-tick feature, like WhatsApp. You can snooze emails that don't require immediate attention. You can also integrate your top favourite management apps. Including Asana, Trello, Evernote and Todoist .

Also use its calendar feature to plan your day, schedule meetings, appointments, keep up with important dates. The calendar will also remind you of important upcoming tasks. Another amazing thing about this app is the ability to create your HTML signature!! No need to travel far and wide on the internet or download a software to do so. Plus it is available in Major Languages of the World. Which means it can reach more people!

Newton Mail works well on all Android Devices, including your Android Wear. But it works well too on Mac and Windows. There is a 2-step authentication to protect your email from hackers. You can also have a password for the app, for further privacy. Just like Nine Mail, it has a trail period of 14 days. The trial period is completely free. If you like what you see, you can purchase it for $49.99 per year. It may seem a bit pricy, but it's worth the pay. Find out more on the app by watching this YouTube video:

5. Proton Mail - Encrypted Email

Proton Mail
Proton Mail

Proton Mail is great for Privacy enthusiasts. They take security very seriously. It is the only email app here on this lists that provides total end-to-end- email encryption. The only people reading your email will be you and the person you send your email to. If your device allows it, you can have self-destructing emails as well . However, it does stores your emails on their server. Although, no none can read them. Even Proton Email cannot access them.

It has an Open PGP support. It is also an open source app. You can contribute or donate to the project. Or you can upgrade to a premium account. It is open to major security checks from all round the world. The app is hosted in Switzerland, which has one of the world's strongest privacy laws. And it is Completely Free. The app allows you to create a new email address with their account using PGBP Key and Management. Emails are customizable and organized according to taste. You can change the swipe gestures. You can also change labels. Messaging someone who doesn't own a Proton Mail email address is still feasible . Your email will be protected by password encryption . For highly private messages, timers can be set for the auto-destruction of the email. You can find more on their website, donate to them, or find their open source base code here.

The app can be downloaded on Android, IOS or you can use the website version. It is easy, safe to use. And it is also completely free!!

Features of Proton Mail:

· It is Best for Privacy Enthusiasts

· It is an open-source app

· Has end-to-end encryption

Conclusion of Best Android Email Apps

Here are some of the best email apps for your use. Whether you need something to organise yourself for your Business, or looking to manage your email. Maybe you just need to something to keep all your accounts in one place. Sometimes all we need is a little privacy. Whichever one you want, we've got something for you!! They are selected from the best of the best. Just for you! We do hope you find what you are looking for, and have a great mailing experience with the app you choose. Happy Emailing! Do have a great day!!

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