How to Get Windows 10 Student Discount?

by Harvey Wade

On the 29th of July, 2015, Windows 10 was introduced to the world as a successor of Windows 9. Windows 10 was developed to carry "universal apps" as they say. These apps are those that can be used on a wide range of gadgets, such as smartphones, personal computers, gaming consoles, etc.

As a major aspect of Microsoft's refreshed OS, it presented an arrangement of moving updates to highlights and usefulness. The thought is to consistently improve the framework with little updates, lessening the measure of interruption made by bigger updates. One of the huge updates to come as a component of Windows 10 was the presentation of Microsoft Edge, another program that is independent of the disliked Internet Explorer.

Features of Windows 10

Now, let's talk about what makes Windows 10 better than any previous operating system.

  • The Comeback of Start Menu

In the previous operating systems, Start Menu wasn't given much attention; in Windows 8, the feature was completely taken away. However, in Windows 10, Start Menu made a heroic comeback.

  • Cortana on Desktop

Just like Siri, and Alexa, Cortana works as your assistant given to you by Microsoft. You can ask Cortana to do things on your behalf, much as, sending an email to someone, shut down the computer, etc. Not just that but if you are getting bored you can ask Cortana some funny questions, such as, "Are you dead?" to which, she is going to reply with humor.

  • Improved Multitasking
Features of Windows 10
Features of Windows 10

Instead of having various windows spread on the screen like a mess, you can now have multiple desktops running at the same time without creating any mess, and that on the same screen. Thanks to this feature of Windows 10, you don't have to open various desktops on different computers to work on an assignment that needs multitasking since you can now do it on the same screen.

  • Photos

Photos will pull your pictures over your PC and cell phones and compose, upgrade and sync them through OneDrive. The framework even identifies copies and stores only one duplicate of a similar picture, and can consequently make attractive collections for you.

  • Project Spartan Browser

New specialized features coordinate with the PDF support, a perusing mode that improves the format of articles that are lengthy, and another highlight characterized for taking notes. This lets you jot on any page and offer your remarks to your fellows by using random platforms utilizing a quick menu so you won't have the need to pause or quit the program. Not just that, but Cortana Support will also be a part of it so that she can pull relevant data as well as to-do lists.

  • Continuum

The framework will identify on the off chance that you've connected a console or mouse and switch modes for increasingly advantageous communication. If you expel the console/mouse, a warning will spring up from the assignment bar at the bottom, inquiring as to whether you need to initiate Tablet mode. At the point when you do, you are welcomed with the more touch-accommodating profile. Dock your tablet into the console once more, and you'll get a similar brief, this time inquiring as to whether you need to leave Tablet mode.

  • Action Center

Windows 10 is likely to take another shot at staying intact with your notices, all in one, single spot. The Action Center gathers alarms and notifications from the device that you are using as well as from the applications, like the notifications of warning that are available in iOS and Android. Contingent upon the application, you can likewise react or respond from this panel itself, with every warning extending to show more activities. The Action Center likewise offers a snappy method to flip network alternatives and different settings, for example, show display, contrast, etc.

  • Unified Control Panel Settings

Rather than having two applications to control your gadget settings in Control Panel and PC Settings, Microsoft is making things less confounding by uniting them in one. You'll have the option to deal with your gadget from one spot as opposed to chasing for a particular menu.

  • Student Packages

Microsoft gives unique limits and offers to understudies, instructive establishments, and different specialists in the training field. This plan is known as Microsoft Students Discount. The Windows 10 Students Discount is a piece of it. With its assistance, students can get Windows 10 for free and the instructors/teachers can get it for as low as $30.

Since this feature is believed to excite the interests of many, let's dive into its details!

Introduction to Windows 10 Education Version

Introduction to Windows 10Education Version
Introduction to Windows 10 Education Version

Windows 10 Education is a form that is constructed particularly for students and teachers. It is equivalent to Windows 10 Enterprise. Microsoft terms the Enterprise adaptation as the most powerful form. Thusly, Windows 10 Education is shockingly better than the Windows 10 Home. It has highlighted t arget security, gadget control, the board, and arrangement that are absent in the Home variant. It likewise has a customer and hosts far off the work area and far off applications, Hyper-V, and some other extra applications like AppLocker, BitLocker, and so on.

Who is Eligible for the Education Version of Windows 10?

Who is Eligible for the EducationVersion of Windows 10?
Who is Eligible for the Education Version of Windows 10?

You don't have to worry much about being eligible for the education version of Windows 10 since the eligibility criteria are easy to fulfill. The qualified individuals can get Windows for either free or with an incredible concession. The best part is they can keep the item much after graduating or resigning. Here are some requirements that you have to meet to be qualified:

  • You need to be at least 13 years old, enlisted as a K-12 understudy.
  • You are enlisted at a 4-year college, 2-year school, or a professional school.
  • Guardians of a K-12 understudy (student) or undergrad are likewise qualified.
  • Teachers and other workers of the passing institutes are likewise qualified.

How to know if your Eligible or Not?

How to know if your Eligible orNot?
How to know if your Eligible or Not?

You can without much of a stretch decide whether your school is eligible for the version or not by visiting Microsoft's Education Portal. When you realize your school qualifies, you can decide whether you are qualified or not.

Another approach to do this is to visit your IT office, Campus Book Store, Lab, or Center Software Liaisons, and inquire.

How to get Free Windows 10 Student Discount?

After making sure that you meet all the requirements for being eligible, follow the method mentioned below. Following it, you can get Windows 10 Education for nothing or under $30. Microsoft gives the Windows 10 Education to pupils and different teachers through OnTheHub eStore. Thus, you'll need to visit it for that.

Follow these easy-to-understand steps mentioned below:

Navigate to OnTheHub's Windows Education Page
Navigate to OnTheHub's Windows Education Page
  • Click on Students.
  • On the form, fill in the requirements properly.
Fill in the requirements properly
Fill in the requirements properly
  • Once you have filled in the requirements, click on Windows 10 Education. This way, you will be navigated to the eStore page.
Click on Windows 10 Education
Click on Windows 10 Education
  • Now, click on Add to Cart.
Add to Cart
Add to Cart
  • Type your username and password to sign in.
  • Remember that if you don't have an account, register for one. You will require your 'Association Issued Email Address' for that. When you register for a record, you can sign in utilizing the certifications and proceed with the process.
Association Issued Email Address
Association Issued Email Address
  • Complete the checkout procedure and you will get your Windows 10 Education Edition. You would then be able to run the installer and complete the arrangement procedure. You simply need to adhere to the on-screen directions for that.
Complete the checkout procedure
Complete the checkout procedure

Alternative Method to get Windows 10 Education Edition

Another method that you can use to get Windows 10 Education Edition is by visiting a Microsoft Physical Store and getting it. A ton of enormous box retailers or innovation superstores will have it in stock. You simply need to demonstrate your enlistment by indicating your understudy/student ID or some other supporting records. By doing so, you can get it for an excellent discount.

Alternative Method to get Windows10 Education Edition
Alternative Method to get Windows 10 Education Edition

All that you have to do is visit any relevant shop near you, such as Walmart, etc. Try not to stress regardless of whether you look more aged than a regular student, a legitimate Student ID is everything necessary and nobody will wager an eye. You can likewise arrange the Education release on the web. However, you need to finish the confirmation process for that also.


In this guide, we tried our best to explain how Windows 10 is one of a kind as well as what makes is important for the students because if you want to excel in your academic life, you need to get your hands-on Windows 10. That'd save you a lot of headaches that usually come along with old, boring operating systems since Windows 10 is new and interesting to be used.

Our main purpose was to explain the methods of buying a student edition of Windows 10. We want only the best for you!

If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to share it with your friends and family!

Thank you! Happy saving!

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