Best Crossword Apps for Android

by Harvey Wade

Thanks to the introduction of Android devices, various activities on mobile devices have been made easier and simpler.

With your Android device, perform simple computing tasks, surf the web, make calls, and send unlimited messages to friends and colleagues. Aside from these exciting features, Android-powered devices have become perfect devices for gamers and people interested in shaking off boredom by playing puzzles. On your Android devices, you can download and install interesting games to play at your lonely time or holidays. One of the exciting games that are available for download on the Google Play Store is Crossword. As of today, tech geeks have developed arrays of Crossword apps for Android users. Through the Crossword game, you can play with ease and trickle your brain. The app helps you to increase your proficiency in English thereby increasing your intellectual capacity. The benefits derived from playing the exciting Crossword games have made Android users abandon low intellectual games like racing simulators, fighting games, arcades, and many more. When you use the Crossword applications, you can access different complexity levels, generate crosswords based on topics, and customize your game to your desire. The exciting benefits of accessing the Crossword game on Android apps when compared to the paper version necessitates the need to discuss the best Crossword apps you can install on your Android device.

Summary of Best Crossword Apps for Android

Summary of Best Crossword Apps for Android
Summary of Best Crossword Apps for Android

The table below summarizes the features of the best Crossword apps

best Crossword appsFeatures
Word Cross
  1. It has a new and fresh board user-interface.
  2. It is handy and straightforward to play.
  3. It offers players different surprise bonuses.
  4. It has more than 2,000 exciting challenges.
  5. It has the shuffle, hint, and ask friend functionalities.
Quick Crosswords
  1. It can be played without internet services.
  2. It offers players over 5,000 unique clues.
  3. All its features are accessible at no cost and subscription.
One Clue Crossword
  1. It has more than 730 puzzles and 46 chapters.
  2. It has hundreds of beautiful photos to attract players.
  3. It has an end-of-chapter guardian puzzle feature.
  4. Players can enjoy more than 230 bonus puzzles seamlessly.
Word Find Music
  1. It has over 2,000 levels to challenge.
  2. You can play as a single-player when offline.
  3. Players can earn a surprise bonus when they log in every day.
Alphacross Crossword
  1. It has an excellent rebus puzzle support feature.
  2. It has smart undo and error highlighting features
  3. It has customizable and flexible navigation options.
Word Talent
  1. It has over 1,800 connection levels.
  2. It has a hint functionality.
  3. You can earn free coins for in-game purchases.
  4. It works offline.

Best Crossword Apps for Android

With that said, today, I will be telling you the best Crossword apps for Android devices.

1. Word Cross - Link

Word Cross

If you are looking for a Crossword app that offers Android users a fresh and new look, the best Crossword app you can choose is Word Cross. The well-designed app has a highly intuitive, user-friendly, and elegant board that attracts players at first sight. The Word Cross game is simple and easy to play. You can swipe the letters effortlessly to form your desired hidden word. Word Cross offers surprising bonuses to its players. Through the surprise bonus package, you are rewarded extra coins for getting extra words that are not presented on the game board. The Word Cross game comes with more than 2,000 exciting challenges. You start the game with an easy level and move to the challenging level as you proceed in the game. When playing puzzles on Word Cross, you are allowed to test your limits based on the words you know. Word Cross has exciting addictive word games for you to enjoy. It has fantastic features that are accessible while playing puzzles. You can access the shuffle button to rearrange the order of your letters. You can also use the ask friends feature when you are stuck. Word Cross puzzle helps you to get clues through its hints button.

2. Quick Crosswords - Link

Quick Crosswords

Quick Crosswords is a well-developed puzzle that comes with large collections of exciting features. It is designed with huge varieties of fast to finish and straightforward to solve puzzles that are specially included for beginners and experts. Quick Crosswords has many fun mini crosswords you can enjoy playing within a few minutes. Just as the puzzles are easy to solve, you will also encounter challenging and relaxing words on Quick Crosswords. When you play puzzles on Quick Crosswords, your English vocabulary will be boosted. Quick Crosswords is amazing for improving your logic skills and word spellings. It helps kids to learn simple English words. The exciting Quick Crosswords puzzle enhances the performance of its players in their place of work. The puzzle comes with an attractive, user-friendly, and easy to navigate interface. With Quick Crosswords, you can access over 5,000 unique clues from diverse topics available. Full access to Quick Crosswordss comes with no hidden charges or subscriptions.

3. One Clue Crossword - Link

OneClue Crossword
One Clue Crossword

When you are looking for the best crossword puzzle to exercise your brain daily, One Clue Crossword is the best crossword app you can choose. The excellent crossword app comes with an intuitive and attractive interface. With the One Clue Crossword app, you can access puzzles presented with pictures. As a player of the puzzle, you can easily deduce each puzzle from the picture without any qualms. The One Clue Crossword puzzle is designed with hundreds of unique puzzles. When you download and install the One Clue Crossword app on your Android device, you will access more than 730 puzzles with over 46 chapters. You can enjoy your gameplay session with more than 230 bonus puzzles on the One Clue Crossword app. The app is developed with an end-of-chapter guardian puzzle that tests your word skills seamlessly. One Clue Crossword has a huge variety of amazing pictures of animals, people, places, and many more. It has an instant hint feature through which you can get the next letter in form of a clue or remove unused letters effortlessly. You can play One Clue Crossword at no cost. However, you can spend some dollars on unlocking puzzles. The feature is optional.

4. Word Find Music - Link

WordFind Music
Word Find Music

Word Find Music is a fantastic crossword puzzle game designed to enhance the fun time of Android users. The well-designed puzzle has an elegant, user-friendly, and easy to navigate interface. With the Word Find Music app, you can enjoy an addictive game experience. The exciting crossword app comes with over 2,000 levels to challenge. You can play Word Find Music as a single-player without internet services. The amazing app offers its players unlimited chances to enlarge their vocabulary while catching fun playing a puzzle. As a player of Word Find Music, you get rewarded with a surprise bonus when you log in every day. Word Find Music comes with an exciting feature that is accessible when playing the game. You can swipe the letters to form words that are used to fill the blank space on the board. Word Find Music allows you to win your gaming session when you fill all the blocks with words and find the words. The crossword puzzle has a hint feature through which you get clues while playing the game. You can also earn bonuses by collecting extra words. On Word Find Music, you can get coins and hints when you purchase or watch videos.

5. Alphacros Crosswor d - Link

Alphacros Crosswor d
Alphacros Crosswor d

Alpha Crossword is a well-designed app that offers incredible features to its players. The amazing app is designed with a highly intuitive and attractive interface that is user-friendly and straightforward to operate. When you play a puzzle on Alphacross, you will enjoy huge varieties of exciting features. It has an excellent graphical preview feature for each crossword puzzle. As a player of the puzzle on the Alphacross app, you can access statistical information like the total time played and last playtime. You will also have a gauge functionality that displays the cheated, squares solved, or incorrect statistics. Players of the crossword on Alphacross can access incredible collection organization features like deletion, archival, and group selection. Other features available on crossword include error highlighting, smart undo, customizable and flexible navigation options, rebus puzzle support, and animated scrolling.

6. Word Talent - Link

Word Talent

If you are looking for a great crossword app you can access on your Android device at no cost, the best app you can choose is Word Talent. The amazing app is developed to help you build words and solve difficult word puzzles without any hassle. Word Talent is basically developed for word game starters and experts. With the Word Talent app, you can access games with more than 2,000 levels to challenge. The difficulty of each level increases as you progress in the game. Each level comes with incredible puzzles for you to brainstorm and solve. Word Talent offers its players lucky spin and daily rewards like free coins and great gifts. As a player of Word Talent, you can enrich your vocabulary with words from different puzzle modes. You can access features like cliff word puzzles, shoot word puzzles, and bomb word puzzles. The exciting game offers you hints to make the game easier for you to play. You can play without an internet connection.


Crossword is an exciting puzzle game that is cherished by young and old Android users. Today, I have discussed the best crossword apps you can download on your device. Enjoy reading!

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