The National Cat Day And Everything You Need To Know

By some statistics, cats are the leading type of pet and household companion in the United States of America with dogs coming in at a close second. Regardless if cats are number one or not in the data sheets it is undeniable that numerous households, families, and lives have been touched and changed for the better by having a cat as a beloved pet. The United States of America, Canada, Japan, and Russia all have days dedicated to our domesticated feline friends.

The National Cat Day And Everything You Need To Know
The National Cat Day And Everything You Need To Know (Age's source)

In the United States of America, National Cat Day is celebrated every 29th day of October and was founded by Colleen Paige, a pet lover and lifestyle expert which was then supported by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a non-profit organization based in New York City dedicated to the goal of preventing the cruelty to animals.

Moreover, you may click here for more information on the Society and its history. On the other hand, National Cat Day in Canada Is Celebrated on August 8. Out of all the countries mentioned, Japan began the practice of dedicating a day for cats first. It started in 1978 when a poll was conducted by the Executive Cat Day Committee between cat-keepers.

The holiday is celebrated every 22nd day of February and takes social media and stores by storm every year with cat-shaped and themed food, mangas, and posts flooding social media showing the country's love for cats.

Purposes of National Cat Day

Purposes of National Cat Day
Purposes of National Cat Day

Because of the impact of cats on countless lives, in the United States, Canada, and in Japan there is a day dedicated to cats, the recognition of their unconditional love, the need to rescue quite a number each year and encourage awareness of the need for adoption of cats.

This link: contains great information on the breeds, history, and domestication of cats.

As stated, the main purpose of celebrating national cat day is to spread public awareness of the need for the rescue and adoption of cats. You might wonder why there is a need to spread awareness and encourage the adoption of cats.

It is a sad truth that many stray cats eventually end up in local animal shelters and because of limited space and resources, thousands are euthanized. There is also an inadequate number of staff members and volunteers with the appropriate training to take care of animals in local shelters.

According to data, almost 3.2 million cats are admitted into animal shelters every year and while this is an improvement from the previous 7.2 million in the early 2010s, the decline is still not enough to stop euthanizing around 800,000 cats every year which is also an improvement from the 2.6 million in the early 2010s.

The decline in the number is due to the increasing number of adoptions of shelter animals and improvement of efforts to return stray animals to owners.

This is aggravated by the fact that animal shelters, and animal welfare is insufficiently funded and supported. This is despite the efforts of numerous individuals and non-governmental groups who go out of their way to work for, fund, and help in any way animal shelters throughout the United States.

However, even if you cannot adopt a cat from a shelter, it is still possible for you to participate in the goals of cat day. As an example, you can donate materials, toys, and blankets among others that can improve a cat shelter to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for the cats living in the shelter.

You can also act as a volunteer in shelters since there is a shortage of volunteers who work in shelters and by doing so you can spread the initiative to help and make cats feel the love and care they deserve.

Celebrating National Cat Day

Celebrating National Cat Day
Celebrating National Cat Day

There are numerous and various ways to celebrate National Cat Day aside from adopting cats and helping your local shelters.

The simplest way is to celebrate the day with your cat and show your beloved pet how much you care and love them. You can your cat some toys, play with them, and give them their favorite treats throughout the day and anything which gives joy and entertainment to your cat.

You can also buy new gadgets and shelves for your cat to climb on and have another spot to have their naps. You can also pamper them by brushing their fur, eliminating excess fur and if they enjoy taking a bath, this day might be a great day to feel refreshed.

Maybe your cat can also benefit from a change of scenery and activities, some breeds of cats enjoy taking a walk and doing outdoor activities. You can go outside, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy what the outside world has to offer all in the company of your companion.

To top it all off you can prepare your cat's favorite meal and just relax during the rest of the day with a cat nap.

To conclude, days dedicated for cats is a great way to remind the people of the problem of homeless cats that require adoption, although improvements are seen over the recent years in the rate of adoption and fewer stray animals being adopted into shelters.

Additionally, shelters all over the United States and the world are forced to euthanize thousands and thousands of cats and other pets due to space limits and funding. And every day should be a special day with your beloved pet as means to reciprocate the unconditional love they give.

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