ZabaSearch Online: How To Find People On ZabaSearch

by Harvey Wade

Have you been anxious to locate or connect with your childhood friend? Have you gotten some professional colleagues you wish to connect with and share an idea about your dealings?

Technology has brought you the best platform to get it done without any hassle. With the various platforms designed by tech geeks to help people connect with their friends and colleagues, you can easily find those individuals you have lost their contact or other relevant information about them. One of the efficient platforms where you can find people effortlessly is ZabaSearch.

With ZabaSearch, It is easy to find people. However, the task is also controversial. Until you learn how to find people on ZabaSearch, that is when you will realize how simple it is. The ZabaSearch site is something you should know about to reconnect with your old friends. Since the service gathers data about people online without charges, and save everything on their site. By pressing some keys and clicking a button, you can find almost anyone on ZabaSearch for free. You can also find people on the platform by entering their name, phone number, or address. This is eye-opening and as well scary a bit. However, it would be best if you still learned more about it. With that said, today, I will be telling you all you need to know about ZabaSearch and how you can find people on the fantastic platform.

Summary of ZabaSearch Online

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of ZabaSearch.

Pros Cons
Users can get their police records, social media platforms, background check, and many more.Some charges may apply.
You can easily find your friends by entering their names on the search interface.
It offers excellent customer service to its users.

What is ZabaSearch?

ZabaSearch is a free service offered to help you search for people at no cost. You will mostly find anyone residing in the United States on this site via their names, addresses, phone numbers, or even age. You can also get their detailed information. However, this is a paid service. According to ZabaSearch, the service search engine contains triple of the residential listings such as white pages. So far, you are not obliged to register before using the site; you are free to start searching as much as you want.

Whatis ZabaSearch?
What is ZabaSearch?

You may like to know the sort of information you would find on ZabaSearch about the people you want to search for. Overall, ZabaSearch will give you information on how to locate the person you are searching for. Asides this, you may not get other information. Once you enter someone's information, it could be their names ; you will see the profile of people who bear that name. You can click on their profiles to view their information, like, address, age, and phone number, including a map of their home. In fact, you may be given directions to their abode. You can go further to the results page to find more information about the person, such as other phone numbers, property records, or public records. After selecting that option, you will be directed to Intelius, ZabaSearch's parent company, and that is where you will be requested to pay to get that information.

You may be wondering, like many people, about how ZabaSearch gathered all this information about people without them knowing. It's simple, ZabaSearch lists and analyzes every available data found on the internet about anyone that lives in the United States. This data includes;

  1. Property records
  2. Yellow pages
  3. White pages
  4. Marketing forms
  5. Sweepstake entries
  6. Court records
  7. Voter registration records
  8. Social media profiles
  9. Personal websites, and many more.

ZabaSearch gathers this information from wide sources of online public records. This site states that it cannot change any information except the individual is changing it. Even if anyone changes his or her address often, such individuals will still be listed several times. The truth is that ZabaSearch is a service that does not host or own all the data about people that live in the United States. It is just a service that sifts through the available information on the internet about a particular person. When you search for a name, address, or phone number, ZabaSearch will connect the available data with your information to help you find the person. Therefore, within a blink of the eye, you will have the collected data in a place after clicking the search button.


The next question you may have on your mind is, in how many ways can I search for a person? First, know that you do not need to register or pay any amount to use this search tool to find people. Most straightforwardly, you can find people on ZabaSearch by just typing their name. To make your finding easier and faster, you can also search for people by adding their state of residence. For instance, if your friend lives in New York, you can add "N.Y." to the person's name. The results you will have will be on the people that bear that same name in New York alone. This means you have limited your search to that state alone, and you are good to go. In a situation whereby you don't know the people's names or you have forgotten their names, you can use their phone number. Just enter their phone number on the ZabaSearch main page and click the search button. You will be shown the result, and you are likely to find the person that way. If you want a quicker search, using the person's phone number is better than using the name.

ZabaSearch Paid Service

Though ZabaSearch offers a free service to help you find people or yourself on their site, you will have to pay some token if you would like to be offered an additional service. These services include getting additional information to find someone. When you request this service, you will be directed to Intelius to pay for the service. With the help you will get from Intelius, you can search for people with their other phone numbers or do a background check on them. Likewise, this premium service can be used to search for people's property records or public records to find them faster.

ZabaSearch paid service prices to vary depending on your demand. That is the depth of the information you need to find someone on the site. If you are searching for someone with their education and social networks, you will have a 95 cents setback. However, if you are demanding the person's public records, such as marriage or divorce records, you will pay $1.95. Lastly, if the information you will use to find someone is their criminal records, lawsuits, or judgments, that will cost you $39.95.

Would you love to find yourself on ZabaSearch?

Would you love to find yourself onZabaSearch?
Would you love to find yourself on ZabaSearch?

One major problem is that many people are not comfortable finding their information on ZabaSearch. Therefore, they wonder if they can delete it. If you are one of those people, there is a way out just that it is a little fuzzy. That is because; ZabaSearch gathers people's information from the internet. So far, you have your information online, your information is also available on ZabaSearch, and that is if you live in the United States. However, you can delete your information for the site. ZabaSearch provides a very short opt-out form, which you can get from their site to delete your information on their site. On that form, you will provide your email address and other relevant information, then go ahead to demand the removal of your data on their database. According to ZabaSearch, your data will be deleted on their site in seven days.

Even with that, do not forget that ZabaSearch collects people's data from across the internet, so it continues to collect information. Therefore, you should bear in mind that as long as your details are available on the internet, they will remain on cyberspace. However, the good news is that you will no longer have your information on ZabaSearch.


ZabaSearch Online: How To Find People On ZabaSearch
ZabaSearch Online: How To Find People On ZabaSearch

You do not have to worry anymore about reconnecting with your old friend who resides in the United States. ZabaSearch has made the search more accessible, even faster than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, or other social media platforms. By simply inputting their basic details on ZabaSearch, you can find your high school lover or friend. It is a reliable place to find people because you can pay for an advanced search method to find them, wherever they are in the U.S. Asides using the service of ZabaSearch to find people, you can as well use it to verify the right address. This benefit-cost no amount. Even though many people value their personal information, ZabaSearch gets people's details from the internet. Nevertheless, ZabaSearch enables you to opt-out of their site if you wish to. This article has provided you with the necessary information you need to find people on ZabaSearch, free or at a cost. Additionally, I have shown you how to get your data removed from ZabaSearch if you are sensitive about it. Hence, go ahead to search for your old friends and also delete your information from the ZabaSearch platform when you desire to do so.

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