Wondering if WhatsApp is Safe to Donwload ? Things to Consider

by Harvey Wade

As technology has advanced, life has been made simpler. Today, an exceptionally significant segment of one's life is subject to technology.

This development has additionally brought about the production of such awesome programming that has brought individuals closer to each other. This includes the applications that help you in talking to your friends and family, companions, etc. paying little heed to how far away they live from you.

Long have gone the times when people were supposed to wait for weeks, sometimes months, to get to hear back from their loved ones through letters. Not just that, but back in time, it was a task to write and post letters. That era has been taken over by the amazing social media platforms. Not only these platforms provide you a way of keeping yourself entertained, but they also let you overcome the distance between you and your friends.

The following statistic refers to the usage of social media platforms in percentages from all over the world, respectively:

Wondering if WhatsApp is Safe to Donwload ? Things to Consider:
Wondering if WhatsApp is Safe to Donwload ? Things to Consider:

That being said, WhatsApp is one of those platforms. It has some incredible features offered to its users, such as:

  • See and hear the individual you're conversing with on your cell phone and allows them to see and hear you; Video Calling.
  • Send, receive, and request payments online by using WhatsApp; Payments through the Application.

  • Continue seeing Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube videos in a little window while using various bits of the application, all at the same time; Picture-in-Picture Support.

  • Prevent yourself from receiving phony messages and false information on WhatsApp; Forwarding Restrictions and Policies.

  • Sort out gatherings, social affairs, or some other occasion simply and get a chance to discuss the good old, memorable times that you had with the group members without having to message each person individually; Group Chats.

Not just these, but there are many other features as well that can make your life interesting; however, despite all of these amazing features, people often wonder if WhatsApp is a safe app to be used. As much as people love technology, it may give people a tough time, too.

If you are also one of those people, leave all your worries aside, because, in this guide, we are going to tell you all that you need to know about the safety issues regarding WhatsApp as well as its disadvantages, because most of the time, every good thing has a downside to it, too.

Is WhatsApp Safe to Use?

WhatsApp is one of the most intensely utilized applications by its clients. WhatsApp follows different wellbeing and security conventions like end-to-end encryption, two-factor validation, and numerous others to manufacture and keep up a more secure condition for you. Notwithstanding, there are still a few drawbacks and weaknesses left now and then that the scammers profit by and take the information.

Is WhatsApp Safe to Use?
Is WhatsApp Safe to Use?

Let's take look at some of the aspects that WhatsApp can be unsafe to use for as well as how to prevent yourself from it:

Calling and Messaging

Calling and Messaging
Calling and Messaging
Calling and Messaging
Calling and Messaging

WhatsApp works with your telephone's Internet association to allow you to stay in touch with the people that you care about. It is time to switch from the old era of using the SMS to the modern world application called WhatsApp to exchange messages, calls, photo media, recordings, archives, and Voice Messages. However, if you're talking to someone, nothing assures that WhatsApp is not reading or listening to the conversation. This intrigues some major privacy concerns amongst WhatsApp users. It makes them question the safety provided to them by WhatsApp as well as its authenticity.


To make sure that your conversation with another party is safe and secure, respecting your personal space without any invasion, you have to enable the end-to-end encryption feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp end-to-end encryption is a specialized feature that is used to ensure the safety of your conversations, preventing any third-party to read it including WhatsApp itself. The recipient and you have the unique keys that can unlock the message codes.

Malware Threats

The users of WhatsApp have frequently been forced to come to terms with the malware dangers through a tainted connection or document. Similarly, 'Specialist Smith' is a recently introduced, new malware that has been becoming common recently that adjusts WhatsApp just to replace it later with an update that is a scam set up to serve advertisements. This Special Smith virus is fit for hiding and disguising its symbol/icon from the device's user and tends to pretend to be the official WhatsApp application to send and receive notifications. This is not the only way that a virus can make its way to your device to send cash back to the hackers with each click on it.


The best that you can do to stay away from such malware and harmful threats is by utilizing navigation links and instructions just from the authentic, official sources. Make sure that the links that you're clicking on are relevant and from an authentic source.

Prone to Hacking Easily

Prone to Hacking Easily
Prone to Hacking Easily

A security imperfection has been noticed by the WhatsApp users that permits possible hackers disguised as programmers to alter the image files as well as the audio files and mp4 documents. The hackers then use these hacked files as a potential way of hacking your phone system.

Nevertheless, you can make use of the end-to-end encryption software by enabling it. That will minimize the possibilities of your WhatsApp media files to get hacked easily.

Fake News and Misinformation

Misinformation can cause a lot of harm to a society. When people start to believe fake news, they pass it on without any confirmation. This misinformation gives rise to irrelevant and unhealthy opinions.

This pandemic can be viewed as an example. Most of the family groups are sharing unofficial, uncertified cures of COVID-19, 70% of which are fake. A little misinformation can costs lives in this matter.


Don't trust every news that you receive on WhatsApp, especially the ones from unknown contact numbers. Before forwarding any important information, do a little research on it and make sure that it's authentic.

Google-Drive Backups

The messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted encoded yet the reinforcements you make to Google-Drive are most certainly not. In this way, aggressors can get to your reinforcements from Drive and access any of the messages they need. This is a fundamental element as it permits you to recoup inadvertently erased WhatsApp messages. There is a nearby reinforcement on your gadget notwithstanding a cloud-based reinforcement. On Android, you can back up your WhatsApp information to Google-Drive. On the off chance that you are using an iPhone, at that point your backup goal is iCloud. These restorations contain the decoded messages from your gadget.


As you must choose between limited options in the backup area, you are helpless before the cloud suppliers to keep your information secure. However, no huge scope hacks have influenced iCloud or Google-Drive to date, that doesn't imply that it is preposterous. There are different implies that fraud people could use to access your distributed storage accounts as well.

Facebook Data Sharing

When Facebook concluded that it was willing to add WhatsApp to the 'Facebook Family,' the European Union (EU) just endorsed the arrangement after Facebook guaranteed them that the two organizations, and their information, would be kept independent.

It didn't take long for Facebook to backpedal on this understanding. In 2016, WhatsApp refreshed its Privacy Policy to permit the sharing of information from WhatsApp to Facebook. Even though they didn't uncover the full degree of this information move, it incorporated your phone number and your utilization information, similar to when you last utilized the service.

They likewise expressed that none of your data would be openly noticeable on Facebook, suggesting that it would rather be covered up in Facebook's out of reach profile of you. Following the reaction to this declaration, WhatsApp permitted clients to quit this information sharing game plan. In any case, in the interceding years, they unobtrusively expelled this choice.

This is likely in anticipation of Facebook's tentative arrangements. As indicated by a January 2019 report in the New York Times, Facebook is beginning to make one bound together framework for the entirety of its informing stages. This would consolidate Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Along these lines, while each assistance would proceed as an independent application, the messages would all be sent on a similar system.

Is WhatsApp Safe for your Privacy?

Is WhatsApp Safe for your Privacy?
Is WhatsApp Safe for your Privacy?

At the point when you log in to your WhatsApp account, you make your cell phone number accessible to them and it is later noted on their information interface for all time. Your personal data is your character on WhatsApp. You can pick who can get to your profile picture; however, you don't get to choose who can see your name and contact number. Nevertheless, considering the frquently updated privacy system of WhatsApp, you can, without much of a stretch, change them to secure your protection.

Nonetheless, the Status or Stories you upload on WhatsApp are the most defenseless. Anybody having your contact number can see them. You can in any case keep up their security likewise; however, having such a significant number of contacts in the rundown, it is difficult to be critical with it.


In this guide, we tried our best to explain how WhatsApp can prove to be unsafe for you when it comes to your privacy. Not just that, but we also provided you with some preventions, respectively, that can help you in keeping yourself safe from scam and fraud.

If you found this guide helpful, don't forget to share it with our friends and family!

Thank you! Happy safety!

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