A Brief Comparison of Reverse Image Searching platforms

by Harvey Wade

What is an image search engine?

An image search engine is taken as a database of photos or images, and a user can find out the images by using keywords. The most famous image search engine is Google's image. There are also many other image search engines. A database of ideas or images is the element that looks common in all these image search engines. The users can find valuable photos or pictures by using topic, tags, and keywords.

Some useful image search engines:

Google images

You will be able to search for the most considerable collection of images by using Google images. It will enable you to find various pictures by typing the keywords like a particular color of an image, size of a photo, or any idea.

Yahoo images

It comes in second place after Google images. It gives a platform where you can search for photos regarding every niche. You will welcome to write only an interesting niche; it will show you a vast number of images related to the given slot. The lifestyle images, photos on white background, and many other graphics are available there.

Bing images

Its feature is matching with the Google images and Yahoo images. You can find the source of ideas. It will welcome you to write the desired type of pictures in the Bing image search bar. You will get a filter button on the top right side of the given page. After clicking on the license, you will search by images free of cost for commercial use.


It has a beautiful collection of three billion images. It collects photos from a vast number of websites. You have to ask for permission before using the pictures available on this image search engine. You find the disclaimer on their website. It becomes easy for you to contact them for permission.


It also contains a large scale database of images. It is famous in the country Russia. Search by images becomes simple and easy by using it. Suppose you fail to find the exact photo of the thing you want; it will display similar pictures for you.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool

It is a fun thing you can play with it. Its interface is a bit different from other tools. You will be able to zoom into a photo and reverse search to find out the matching pictures or pins. It asks you to sign in to Pinterest for utilizing it. You can quickly start pinning images on it.

Creative Commons

You can look for the most extensive collection of images by using it. It will let you search by photos from a range of image search engines like Google images, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, and many more. It will show you the pictures you search for either these would be similar to your niche, or these can also be any search for a celebrity.


No doubt, it is a unique photo search engine. Professional photographers mostly like to share their images on Flickr. It will allow you to use several of the filters while using it. You can join groups or also welcome to follow people.

What does it mean by Reverse photo lookup?

What does it mean by Reversephoto lookup?
What does it mean by Reverse photo lookup?

It is a technique of image search engines. You will be able to insert an image as an input in the search bar and then get the output results in image form. It makes it easy for you to search for images by typing your query.

Working steps for a Reverse Image search by any image finder:

It is essential to know the required steps for reverse image search. Let's have a look at the steps written below:

  • The given tool can ask you to upload the required image.
  • You are also welcome to paste the URL of the desired image.
  • You can type the keyword related to your image search in the provided place.
  • Then finally, press the button "Search for Similar Images."

A short comparison of reverse image searching platforms:

Let's have a look at the various tools that provide the platform to search by images:

1. DupliChecker

The reverse image search by Duplichecker provides you with the quick results of your searching keywords related to images. You are welcome to search by photos on your Android, iOS, and also on desktops. You can also search by uploading an image or with the URL of the image and this image search tool provides you results from three major search engines in one place.


It is a Google tool that permits you to find out who is posting your images and whether they reward you. You can press or click "Show Matches" to search those websites who attached your photos.

3. ReverseImageSearch

The Reverseimagesearch.com enables you to add the link of the image to find out the websites that are also selling the same product. It is known as the best source of reverse image search. The searchers have searched more than 19 billion photos using this image search utility.

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